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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Leicester City Rewarded By Owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Leicester City (FC) Players Rewarded For Their Amazing Season

With the EPL season nearly over and a few shocks to say the least. Many football fans cannot believe what has happened over at Leicester City Football Club. They came into the 2016 season with bad odds of winning the title. But they went and done it, and in two weeks time will be crowned the Champions of the Premier League.

EPL Champions 2016

The generosity of their Billionaire Thai Owner Vichar Srivaddhanaprabha has been amazing. He has treated all the fans with utmost respect - and bought all the travelling fans beers, not just once this season but a few times. Things like that are hugely appreciated by fans who sometimes spend their entire monthly savings just to go and watch their favorite boys play football.
It was reported today by the Dailymail (in the UK) that owner has gone and surprised all the footballers with a special reward for the winning this premier league season. He will be giving them - a entire 30 man squad - a car. They will all receive the same car a Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. This will cost the Thai owner nearly 1 million pounds! He really is a very rich man.
Another promise he made earlier on in the season was, if they won, he would pay for an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. The Foxes should be really happy with all that they have achieved. It seems that with a bit of good luck from Buddha and the monks, you can actually win the title - Van Gaal are you listening! One final thing they will receive is a 6.5 million pound bonus - which will be split between the squad. Happy days boys.
Next season with Champions League football on the calendar. The Foxes will be very very busy. I'm not sure they can emulate their success from this season. This season was all a bit strange. Especially with Chelsea the 2015 title winners, not even in the race for Top 4. Live for the moment Foxes, it has been well deserved, next year who knows what will happen! Will Gall quit United? Will Jose be back managing a team in the EPL? Will Liverpool ever give anything to their fans to celebrate? What do you think?


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