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Money Saving Tip

Money Saving Tips

Some travellers will stay travelling for a very long time, alone, with girlfriends, or even with their whole family. If this is the case you will need to find time to save money whilst on the move. Here we've put together some simple Money Saving Tips for you when you are travelling.

1. Short haul flight - when buying your flight, don't buy the extras such as food and drink, these can be pricey. Make sure you are full before you fly. And don't pay extra for a selected seat of your choice. I found out by not selecting a seat, the passenger will almost always get the fire escape seat. Lots of leg room.

2. Use the hotel mini-bar but restock it afterwards. Correct timing and they'll never know.

3. Book dormitory rooms - low cost, and in some cities the dormitory is a twin room - if it's off-peak, you will probably get a twin room for yourself, but only pay dormitory prices.

4. Smokers by cigarettes at the airport - tax free! I have to mention this as its something that I enjoy

5. Don't over stay your visa - overstaying has hefty fines in store for you.

6. Don't eat out every night, try and eat street food it is delicious and very cheap. Food is found on every corner in Bangkok (and other cities). You can try places like China Town - this area is usually busy but they have so much tasty food, you might just tickles those taste - buds.

7. Use the local transport, travel agents usually put up prices for tourists on special tourist buses but you can do it the local way - where transport costs next to nothing. Such a great way to save a few baht.

How do you save money when you travel?
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