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Thailand Lottery Results Tips

Thailand Lottery Results

16th June 2018 Magazine 



Next Lottery Draw 16th May 2016 Results

Thai Lottery Announcements will be made on this website and over on our facebook page where you will find more lotto tips for the next draw. The Thai Lotto has a draw every two weeks (basically twice a month).

Thai Lottery and King Rama 5

King Rama 5 was the first king of Thailand to legalise a lottery albeit the laws stipulate it can only be ran by the government - GLO or Government Lottery Office. King Rama's reign was between 1968 and 1910. The first lottery was permitted and commissioned on King Rama's birthday in 1874. They were less frequent until 1933 when the Thai national lottery became a regular occurrence.
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Most of the results of traffic come from all over Asia as the lottery is very famous. For example the Japanese love the Thai Lotto >  So we have used a bit of the Japanese language to help the people find our website, like this - 宝くじ当選番号
The Thai lottery has been around for many, many years and its the only legalized gambling in mainland Thailand. People are able to purchase tickets easily off vendors on the roads. Its so popular that often the vendors will run out of tickets days before each draw.
The thai lotto takes place on the 1st and 16th of every month, which I'm sure you have seen stated on many other websites. Please keep checking back for results and tips. Keep an eye out for the next draw which will be very soon. Good Luck.

Thailand Lotto Tips - 2nd May 2016

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