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Having traveled extensively around Asia over the past few years, I have now had the pleasure of traveling with this Thai Company - Thailand Airways. They have been operating for around 15 years and many customers have flown with them including Thai people and Westerners in Thailand, and of course the scruffy travelers. So it seemed a good option, a quick look on Tripadvisor helped me get an honest review of them.

You can also get cheap flight tickets with Thai Airways and Bangkok Air, their local competition.

Some background information 
Company Profile

Living up to their famous saying 'Smooth as Silk' I never felt a tremor of turbulence.

I flew on a premium economy ticket which offered great leg room as I'm a fairly tall guy.

The food is actually pretty good. Our nonstop flight from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) - Thailand [BKK] to Hong Kong serving us some snacks on the way.

On their website you can see a few food options for long haul flights. Dishes include, Thai sweet curry, omelets, fried rice, and sarnies. They also offer water and other drinks on any flight. Some airlines don't do this.

Thai Airlines

There wasn't much entertainment due it being a fairly short trip. None the less it was an afternoon flight, so I could take in some views.

The service inside the plane is pretty good. The air hostesses are beautiful and kind. They wear traditional Thai clothes which almost all asian hostesses have to do.

Thai Airways flights have many options - you can fly to many destinations all over the world, with national and international flights. They serve many of the worlds major airports.

Overall, i'd give Thai Airways a 10/10.

Please visit their website - and see what offers they have.

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