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Top 3 Robbie Williams Song Lyrics

Robbie Williams is a singer and writer in the pop genre. He went solo in the nineties after leaving the band that made his name, Take That. There was a mass hype during his exit from the boy band.
Once he'd launched his solo career, Robbie had found a huge audience with a hit which is still, as ever popular today, as it was when it was released - Angels. It's worth mentioning Robbie also had a co-writer Guy Chambers, who helped Robbie pen lots of the hits we know today such as, Kids (with Kylie Minogue) and Let Me Entertain you.
Robbie proved his worth in the early 'noughties' when he performed one of his biggest gig's "Robbie Williams - Live at Knebworth".
Robbie has a lot of messages written into his songs through lyric's and here are my top 3!
"If you're willing to change the world, let love be your energy"
"Hell has gone, and heavens here, there's nothing left for you to fear shake your ass, come over here now scream" - Let Me Entertain You
"She offers me protection, a lot of love, and effection"
Robbie maybe a pop artist, and he may experiment with different style, and he'll definately take critism of his vocal ability. But he is, and will be, one of the best entertainers the UK has seen.
What are your favourite lyrics? And why?

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Favourite lyrics

'I wanna fuck you in the ass' cliff richard, 1992