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Friday, 15 April 2016

Zero Dollar Tour Groups Will Be Banned

Thailand News: Zero Dollar Tour Groups To Be Banned


It was reported earlier on in the week that tour operators were unhappy with tour groups from outside Thailand from places such as Russia, China, and Korea. They were unhappy because basically these tour operators were stealing the Thai tour operators trade.
Earlier on in the week saw Thai tour guides get together in Phuket and protest about this 'Touring' situation. These outside tour groups are offering everything the Thai's offer but at a lower price. This undercuts the Thai workers. Don't disgruntle the Thai's!
We will advise of reasonable tour package prices to countries like China, South Korea, Russia and others where many tour groups originate so that they can check the groups before they depart for Thailand.... If their tour package fees are lower than the identified prices, the travel should be banned.'
Major General Sansern Kaewkamnerd spokesperson for the local government.

This is only fair, after all such countries as China and Korea have developed so quickly over recent years that their citizens have more expenditure to waste whilst on holiday. That's what holidays are about aren't they? Wasting money and having a great time.
Many of the tour operators from outside of Thailand that operate zero-dollar tours will generally force their customers and clients, once they are in Thailand, to go to expensive gift shops and buy a lot of expensive things. Often jewelry shops and suit makers are partnered up with these tour operators. Many profits made in Thailand did not stay in the Kingdom said the Major General.
So basically these companies are ripping off the Thai's and not even leaving the money in the country. I am so glad that the government of Thailand are starting to stamp out this problem. Thai's need to live good lives and without the tourism, how can they make a decent living?
'The prime minister ordered serious solutions to the problem. Information of all zero-dollar tour firms has been gathered. Initially the number of tourist arrivals may drop but the focus is on quality, not quantity," the government spokesman said. "If the problem is not solved by this government, it will be difficult to do so later because most big Thai operators benefiting from it are close to political groups.'

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