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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thai Children Get Married - Weird News

Thai Children Married in Traditional Ceremony

A wedding ceremony took place in Thailand of two 4 year old twins, this was to 'save them from bad luck and evil spirits'. 

The wedding took place at the family home in a province called Chainat. This was a traditional thai style wedding, it was a traditional wedding with monks, other guests and a payment took place known as sinsod.  

 The father, reportedly told Thairath that 'the marriage between his son Nong Crepe and daughter Nong Cream had been arranged to help bring them good luck and prevent evil from taking their souls.'

Thai Twin Children Marry

Reasons that this is acceptable:
  •  Thais believe that opposite sex twins were lovers in the past life.
  • ,Twins of opposite sex are at a high risk from living a life tormented by bad luck and evil spirits.
The children’s father said that he wanted to trick the evil spirits into thinking his children were a genuine couple rather than twin brother and sister, so that they would be free from bad luck. Mr Somkiat added that if the marriage hadn’t taken place one or both of his twin children would likely die at the hands of the evil spirits.

For foreigners this is completely off the wall, but for Thai's this is traditional and acceptable.  They are only four years old so this story has signs of 'make believe'. But Thai's usually get that they want even if it is unacceptable. A loving nation, full of loving people, but some practice's need to be abolished.

Source: Thairath