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Should I go and teach abroad? Should I go abroad and leave my family and friends? Should I learn a new language? Teach Anywhere in 2016

If you answered yes to one of the above, then you should definitely do something about it. If you like the idea of sun, sea and sand, then teaching English abroad would suit you. To find the right path you can do a number of things; take an online English Tefl/Tesol course, or you can even take a course with classroom experience, and choose a country of your choice.. Its completely down to you.

TEFL Courses To Teach English Anywhere

When your searching for that perfect course, make sure you choose the best one. There are many fake courses - such as IslandTEFL in Thailand. Look at the course in depth and check the accreditation. Don't just assume its accredited (because it states on their website), they should say who accredits them - usually a big company such as the British Council - go to the ac-creditors website and email them to be sure.

You can take TEFL courses from the comfort of your own home - online. Or you can go abroad and spend 3 weeks on an in-house course - usually with classroom experience. These are mainly 120 hours, and you must have money to; fly to destination, eat, and accommodation. Bear in the mind the costs and make sure that you can afford your outlay. If you go abroad, it could be up to 3 months before you start getting paid a regular salary.

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Where should I teach abroad?

  • Thailand is an easy option. You can get jobs by word of mouth or can find jobs easily on the internet. The kids are amazing and really do appreciate you. The salary in Thailand starts at 30000 baht a month. 
  • China's recruitment process is a little more streamlined. To get a job in China, you must have 2 year's work experience with a degree. Once you are there it is an amazing country, and it's easy to get an English teaching position. You can earn high in China if you can find the right position.
  • South America is an up an coming area to teach English. Be aware because it's a lot more dangerous and it will be more difficult to find work. 
  • Cambodia it is very easy to find work in Cambodia, and the Visa process for Cambodia is even easier. You can find jobs on local job websites. And it's better to find a job whilst you are there because they often ask for teaching demonstrations.
  • Vietnam has high paying teaching positions, you can earn up to $2000 dollars a month and living expenses are low. Arrive and starting looking for your ideal teaching position.