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Saturday 26 December 2015

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death in Samui

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death

Koh Samui Court Finds The Defendants Guilty

Samui, Thailand. This week two Burmese migrants were trialed and found guilty of the deaths of two British Citizens; Hannah Witheridge, 23 years old from Norfolk and David Miller from Jersey.

The 2 accused murderers Zaw Lin and Wei Phyo were trialed in a Thai Court in Koh Samui - they were accused of the killings which happened on the island of Koh Tao in September 2014. The defendants had previously made a confession that they had been tortured, by the hands of the police, into a confession but now they retract that statement.

Since the trial there have been scenes of protests in Myanmar at the Thailand Embassy. They are protesting the fact that there has been an unfair trial against the Burmese nationals. Who have since been ruled to have an execution by lethal injection.

Now, the protests have derived from the many mistakes that the police made during the initial response at the crime scene, so they think its unfair and unjust to put them to death by lethal injection.

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The mistakes made include; not putting police tape up at the crime scene, not checking the clothes, weapons that were used, and condom (semen) right away, there was some discrepancy in the time it took to get the DNA matches, and the actual date when the DNA file was reported.

Hence, with the suspects stating the police tortured them, and the delay in getting the DNA tests, some people believe that there may have been foul play, which sparked the protests in Myanmar.

Andy Hall, international affairs adviser for Migrant Worker Rights Network, which represented the men, said: "We strongly disagree with the decision of the court. This investigation was a shambles from the beginning."The defence team have had access to all the information in this case and the information we saw did not comply with international standards."

Family of David and Hannah believe the sentence to be correct and that these to bar-workers did commit the crime. They did not travel to Thailand for the ruling. The lawyer for the defendant has stated that they will appeal the ruling.

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