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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Beautiful Girls Need Work Permits in Thailand

Work Permits For Models Essential in Thailand News

Thai Authorities have decided to crackdown on Foreign Models. Girls that come to Thailand to be fashion model are required to have work permits.

Russian Model
Russian Teen Model

The Labor Ministry are working alongside the thai Modelling Industry and Agencies Association to forge a network going against foreign models without proper work permits

Illegally Working In Thailand - News

The models work in Thailand illegally, and come from countries where girls are notoriously beautiful such as the Russia, Brazil, Israel, everywhere....the enter the land of smiles on a tourist visa, and take up employment as models. This isn't the only industry that employs workers illegally. The Education Industry is famous for this to - having ESL teachers without the correct work permits.
Models are paid, at the highest salary, about 50,000thb an hour. If you compare this to an average worker, they are getting paid a very high rate. Adding the to the fact they don't pay tax, this must be stopped.
The unlicensed models could face up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of THB100,000 over violating Section 51 of the Foreign Workers Employment Act 2008, while the companies that employ them will be liable to a fine of between THB10,000 and THB100,000 per model. - reported.
With the industry preferring young faces, many unlicensed models are under 18. Which, again, is illegal in Thailand and many other 
Companies that hire under-aged teen models will also face charges of forced labor and child labor. Bangkok is the main culprit for 
this, as its the international destination of many travelers.

It is safe to say Thailand is trying to clear up its messy image. As
soon as they try, the next day another informal biased Thai News
article will come out. So whatever they try to do they never win.