Top Travel Blogs - Directory 2016 - Thailand News And Articles

Top Travel Blogs - Directory 2016

Top Travel Blogs For Travelling Asia And Beyond

1. Nomadic Matt's website is a great resource for traveling Thailand with great focus on what you'd expect when going to Thailand. There's lost of information including budget tips and travel costs. Visit the site now:

2. Alexinwanderland is another great resource. Detailing a young Americans adventure around the world. Visiting Asia, South America, and much much more. Have a look at her confessions page if you want to see something a bit cheeky:

3. Rich Barrow is an ultimate Thailand lover. Having been living there for over 20 years now - he has the top tips on where to go in Thailand. He also posts useful information for people - such as travel times and of local buses etc etc. You must visit his site now:

4. At age 26 this young lady quit her day job to travel Asia, and turned her blog into a successful business, check her out.

5. This blog is ran by a long turn traveler, James Clark. It features a whole range of travel guides and tips about where he has visited across the world.

6. This is a new addition to the list. This website produces prodcasts on peoples travels, a great way to hear about other peoples cultures - check it out.

7. This is really a must see website - there is some good advice about travel blogging, you could learn a lot. It has a free montly subscription service and features jobs for travel blogging.

8. This is an online travel magazine that features writing and photography from around the world. This is open to photography and article submissions.

9. Dan and Casey are two travel lovers who are cruising there way around whilst see-ing the world, with some amazing travel stories, and travel photography. You should pay them a visit.

10. Two Monkeys Travel Group - Travel entrepreneurs from the Philippines and the UK, with a great looking site and they have amassed a huge following about surviving travel.

Other News Sites Online newspapers lists hundreds of newspapers from across the globe. List of other online newspapers based in Thailand. Also lists papers from around the world.
Blogarama - The Blog Directory -Comprehensive guide to Pattaya, Jomtien and Thailand including daily updated news, Pattaya nightlife, bars & girls, hotel booking, attractions and more.

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