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Monday 23 November 2015

TEFL Course Phuket - Want to join a TEFL Course?

TEFL Course In Phuket, Thailand

Before leaving for Thailand I booked myself onto a TEFL Course (Teach English as a Foreign Language). I didn't know much about TEFL apart from it would be good to have and to get work. Once more, it would be at a Phuket resort, so I had the chance to do a course in a lovely part of Thailand. The course was to be a three week intensive guide to teaching with teaching practice, brilliant, all booked and ready to go.

Once I had done my pre-travelling in Thailand, I headed to Phuket ready for my course. I'd never been here before and it was great to see a new place. I booked my accommodation before I arrived, and it was on the doorstep of the TEFL training center, so it meant I could have a sneaky lie-in before class. I also had internet and air-con, which made for a perfect abode.

Length of TEFL Course

The course ran from Monday to Fridays 8am until 3pm. With lunch in between. I weren't sure how I was going handle sitting down and listening for long periods of time, after all, I was the King of Sleeping in classes at University. But it was overall a great experience. Lasted 3 consecutive weeks.

Tefl Training Phuket

About The TEFL Course

The course: The course was great, full of information you needed to get started, and very intense. We had to do a presentation in front of the group on the second day, so I whacked out a PGL repeat after me song, which i had in my repertoire, I think the group liked it. They taught us the basics of getting in front of the class, and there was never any real pressure to be perfect. The group was small, we had 8 people on it, all destined to teach - all very strange too. The tutor and owner both knew what they were talking about, and made the nervous one's feel relaxed about it all.

All the people on the course were great accept one! Total B****! But the less said about that the better! Made some interesting friends all out here for different reasons. Some were finding new lives, some were taking gap years! And one didn't want to do it and mooooaanned about everything! I'm glad I met them all, I think!

The Best Part Of The TEFL Course

The Children: Best thing about the course going into school to practice! Thai kids are awesome, the boys punch and kick you the girls hug you! And the teacher, me, chase them around like i'm a monster, and hit the slides for a bit of fun! They loved it teacher on slide! Played games with them in classroom, taught them letters and numbers, and had a whole lot of fun! I'll write more about my school I went to work with at another time.

Teaching Course Recommendation

Was it worth it? The TEFL Course was 1 million per cent worth it, training in the classroom and school. Meeting so many people, teaching English to bar girls! Without a TEFL certificate it is a little harder to get a job in a Asian school, they want to see you have experience, and a TEFL gives you this! Would I do it again? Yes, I would. Interested?