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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Facebook Be Blocked in Thailand

Facebook has faced a huge backlash in Thailand in recent days. With the government hoping to shut it down if they didn't comply with removing defamatory post about Thai Royalty.

Despite the backlash Facebook is still working in Thailand as of the 17th May 2017.


Citing Facebook's refusal to remove "illicit URLs or posts from its site", Tispa said it "could disconnect the content delivery network (CDN)" the report said.
Tispa is Thailand's internet provider, which means at any time they can block any website which they deem unsafe for public viewing. 

"If the relevant Thai authorities find any illegal content from in our system - particularly the 131 URLs which have not yet been removed - concerned authorities will request that we shut down the CDN of and other parts of the network to block such illegal content. 

"This action may affect the entire delivery services of to customers in Thailand," Tispa said in the email.
There are many reasons Facebook is disliked in Thailand. Facebook is seen as a platform to share local news. Its against the law to say anything derogatory about the Thai Monachy, but this week there was a viral video being spread around on the social media platform about a member of the Thai Royal Family, walking around a shopping mall. We can't say too much more as we don't want to be cen-sored in Thailand.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Less than a week...Apologies, Money, Skype...On and on and Aniston

Not long now until i'm Bangkok bound baby! 3 b's! First I have to apologies to the University of Wolverhampton, I posted 2 days ago about how they were going to take age's getting me copies of my degree. Apparently the woman I spoke to originally is a miserable git! I emailed them and they said they'd post them this week - thanks. This means I can get everything else done.

I'm worried about taking money with me to Bangkok. Never done this before. I've heard about traveler's cheques so I may get some of them. I'm also going to top up my credit card and take that with me. I don't want to be taking my debit card and the bank charging me tonnes to withdraw, I'd rather stick a biro in my eye than do that. Bloody banks!

I'm now on Skype, a good way to keep in contact with people, i'm assuming. I had a test run with this last night, I skyped an aunty. At one point we were on the telephone and Skype at the same time as I couldn't work out the sound! I also did a test run with a friend, but he was a girl and wouldn't chat as he had other friends in the room! Piece of shit! If you want to add me on Skype my skype name's 'comedyliam'. I charge £50 an hour!

One more thing. There's a guy across the road from my house, and he's always washing the bloody car, I swear I've seen him kiss it before! I don't get people with there mundane live's, not just him though, people everywhere they just get on with life. They look miserable and unhappy and bored, so i'm glad i'm leaving the country. Same thing, day in, day out, no thank you, world! Although some people enjoy their mundane live's each to their own, some people might think my life's mundane! It pretty much has been the last few weeks! Just watching Eastenders! Eating Mars bars! And occasionally moving to go for a poo! Meeeeh!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I won't walk 500 miles!

As the days drift by, and it gets closer and closer to my trip to Thailand, I have to start making decision's; rabies jab, no rabies jab? Do I try the local dishes such as bamboo worm or scorpions? Or do I just go the westernised parts of Thailand to find a McDonalds! I think i'd like some scorpion on toast please.

The biggest decision is what to do when I arrive in Bangkok - I mean on the second day, as the first night I'm going to book myself into a nice hotel after the 13 hour plane journey.

I know I need to get to Phuket from Bangkok, there's several option's available, I could fly, but I won't fancy another plane journey. I could get a bus journey or train, which I know will be relatively cheap. But, I also know this will take forever. I could walk but I know it'll take forever and a day to walk 500 miles!

The decision has come down to two option's for me. Whether to bike ride or get a scooter.

If I choose to bike ride, then this will be relatively cheaper than hiring a scooter. But this also means I will be tired, a lot of the time. And I'm not very good at fixing puncture's. This option has its advantage's as the main roads on route are tarmac-ed and it's all pretty much flat land. By going at my own pace, slow! I think I could make it to Phuket in time for my course i'm taking.

The scooter, now this main advantage is that you won't get tired, and it'll be a lot of fun! The problem's that come with a scooter, however, are very high in comparison to biking it. Some place's will ask to take your passport as a deposit, no friggin way I haven't even got my new passport yet! Some place's might try and do you over, for anything as much as a scratch and when you return it, they'll ask for a lot of money. Note to self: If hiring a scooter, make sure to take photographic evidence of any kind of wear and tare, and show this to the company you're hiring off before you leave. Fuel is cheap on these things, but if you crash it you're fucked! Where there's danger there's fun!

I'm not sure what to do yet - but I know for a fact - I'm not walking it!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Ways To Generate Traffic To Blog

Generate Traffic To My Blog

I started this blog on the 4th September 2012

The main reason was to interact with other people so that they can see what i'm up to in regards to Thailand.

To start sourcing traffic all I did was post on my social networks - facebook and twitter. I did this for the first two days. I was getting on average 70 views a day. That didn't include my own views of the blog as I selected not to have them show up in the stats tab.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Wechat
  • Whatsapp
  • Stumblupon
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Bing / Yahoo
  • Yandex

Other things I started to do was submit my links to search engines such as google and yahoo. I also started adding my blog to site's such as reddit.

Just today without posting on twitter or facebook. I've managed to generate over 100 views.

I'd like to hear how you gained traffic to your blog:

  • What site did you post on?
  • How many views do you receive, on average, per day?
  • Which social network's do you use?
  • Which is you're preferred way to generate traffic?