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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Facebook Be Blocked in Thailand

Facebook has faced a huge backlash in Thailand in recent days. With the government hoping to shut it down if they didn't comply with removing defamatory post about Thai Royalty.

Despite the backlash Facebook is still working in Thailand as of the 17th May 2017.


Citing Facebook's refusal to remove "illicit URLs or posts from its site", Tispa said it "could disconnect the content delivery network (CDN)" the report said.
Tispa is Thailand's internet provider, which means at any time they can block any website which they deem unsafe for public viewing. 

"If the relevant Thai authorities find any illegal content from www.facebook.com in our system - particularly the 131 URLs which have not yet been removed - concerned authorities will request that we shut down the CDN of www.facebook.com and other parts of the network to block such illegal content. 

"This action may affect the entire delivery services of www.facebook.com to customers in Thailand," Tispa said in the email.
There are many reasons Facebook is disliked in Thailand. Facebook is seen as a platform to share local news. Its against the law to say anything derogatory about the Thai Monachy, but this week there was a viral video being spread around on the social media platform about a member of the Thai Royal Family, walking around a shopping mall. We can't say too much more as we don't want to be cen-sored in Thailand.

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