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Friday, 4 December 2015

7 Mistakes Tourists Make When Going To Thailand

Top 7 Mistakes Tourists Make When Going To Thailand 

This list is a tongue-n-cheek article relating to Thailand. If you are offended then you must be the kind of sex tourist that's mention in the article. Do remember it's only an article designed in a way to inform you about Thailand. 

1. Everything is Cheap

When you first dream of the exotic holiday destination, Thailand. You either dream about days at pool with your family or if you're alone you think about evenings out at the local go-go bar.

cheap thailand

Nowadays, if you want to book a hotel for a family of four in Phuket, the expense can be quite high. In tourist areas such as Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, Kho Phi Phi, Koh Phangan among others prices can be quite high. During high season in Thailand expect the prices to triple for everything from hotels to motorbikes, and from beers to girls, everything see's a big increase in price. 

The high season in Thailand runs from November through to February. The low season is March until October, this is well known as the monsoon season - it rains day after day after day!

2. Booking Your Hotel When You Arrive

Some of those lone wolves out there will travel around south east Asia taking everything as it comes. There will come a time when you haven't booked your hotel, you've forgotten to go on booking.com the day before you left Phuket to get the night bus to Bangkok. You will arrive in the middle of the night unsure of what to do.

That's when they pounce, the managers of hotels, they see you have arrived alone in the middle of the night wondering around Kho San Road! Then they will approach you and get you to stay at their hotel, and at this point you won't have a choice, you will be tired, so you will book in that evening. Only to find out the next day, that you have paid triple the price of the room you stayed in. Be warned, booking or get F****

3. You Anger The Locals

You know the types, well I certainly know the types. The 'sex tourist', the old European man who's only mission in Thailand is sex, sex and more sex. These guys go to Thailand to cause trouble and often with the wrong people. This can land them in deep deep trouble and they will often be hunted by the locals and sometimes killed.


Take for example; I know a story about how a French man mistakenly took a Thai mans motorbike from outside a 7/11 on Phuket island. It really was a mistake, he had the same motorbike as the local, he ran outside to rush home and jumped on the wrong motorbike - keys still in the ignition. 

Half an hour later - a local Thai man (owner of the motorbike) arrived at the French man's bar, with many of his friends - and kicked the crap out of him. Even though he explained it was an accident and offered to compensate the Thai owner.

The French guy didn't really do anything so bad. Imagine if you did do something really bad like drug smuggling or prostitution, you could be killed. 

4. Hooking Up With A Thai Bar Girl

She will hold you close, she will look up at you with those beautiful eyes. Her dark olive skin will sit firmly against yours - and then you wake up, she's taken your money and your credit card and you've been hung out to dry.

Bar - girls need to make a living they see an unsuspecting western tourist and they will take all of there belongings. Who could blame them? Foreigners think thai - girls are easy pickings but they aren't. There are many old men that go to Thailand just for this and to see out there days happily with a beautiful young girl. If you do this, you must remember that it's just business when she says that she loves you. Often she will send the money you give to her back to her family in the country side.


5. Going On The Elephants

You might see you friends photos of their adventures in Thailand such as diving, white water rafting, jungle treks and Elephant Rides. And although it looks like amazing fun, you shouldn't do this activity - it's dangerous for the elephant's. It's in-humane.

Don't do it

What many people don't know is that the soles of Elephants feet are soft and sensitive. So the weight of humans sitting on top of them kills their feet. It really does. And as you and I can imagine, they ride with people on them all day long, and its killing them. Imagine being on your knees, and then ask two people to sit on you, and then crawl for 200 meters. It would kill us - the same as the elephant's - don't ride them.

6. Not Being Insured.

Wow - this happens to almost every 'stupid' traveler that there is - they won't have any kind of insurance as they are moving from country to country. They have developed the 'traveler-God-like-complex', they think they are untouchable - until one day they hire a motorbike, and go speeding around the islands - and then out of know where - crash! bang! wallop! They hit a rock at 100mph and now are in Thai hospital with two broken legs, a missing eye-ball, and no insurance! For the travelers family this is a pain as they have to find the money to cover the hospital bills - and without insurances this can run into thousands of pounds.

7. Not Following Cultural Rules 

There are many Thai cultural rules to follow. These kind of things make Thailand special as they still have their traditions. Other countries like China have lost their traditions.

  • Do not pat a baby on it's head - the head is a sacred part of a Thai child.
  • Do not show your backs to a monk.
  • Take your shoes off in every Thai house or shop.
  • Don't talk out of turn about the Thai Royal Family - they are very well respected by Thai people.

Conclusion On These Mistakes

We hope this list will help you with some of your planning to Thailand - please add anything else you might know to the comments below.