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Monday 28 March 2016

Top 3 Countries With High Salaries For TEFL / ESL Teachers 2016

Top 3 Countries With High Salaries For Tefl / ESL English Teachers (2016) Update

TEFL / ESL Teaching

 More and more people are looking to work and travel in 2016. This could be an option for you; teach away. With many countries now offering high salaries, it's easy to come by work. There are many options to choose from when teaching English Abroad.
You can find jobs online with recruitment agencies or direct with schools and universities. In my experience, its good to work with a recruitment agency as they sort out things like visas and apartments. You are contractually signed with the recruitment company, so if you have any problems its down to the recruitment company to seek another teaching job for you. 

With all these opportunities available, we tried to have a look and see what countries have the highest salaries in 2016.

1. Dubai 

If you are a qualified teacher the chance of gaining a high salary in Dubai is quite high. You can earn up to £4000 a month tax-free. This means you can save a lot for the future. Contracts in Dubai usually include free housing, most houses are on apartment complexes but you can save a lot.

English in Dubai
Most branded products have the same (or higher) costs of goods in the UK. Certain items such as cars and electronic goods are often cheaper here owing to little tax and low import  duties and the government offers subsidies on basic living costs such as electric and water.
Its important to note you can save money here if you have free apartments in your contracts. If you don't rent can be quite expensive.

2. China 

This is a great country to save money in. And although the contract you receive for teaching in China  might be quite low, the cost of living is very low to. For example if you are on a 10000rmb contract a month, you can save up to £600 a month. This is after all of your basic everyday lives.

China Teaching

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Groceries are very cheap in China, especially if you buy the local products. For example you can buy fresh banana's for 50p. If you smoke, you can pay less than a pound for cigarettes. Basic clothing is cheap in Mainland China, but if you prefer the brands, it is best to get them from Hong Kong, as it will be cheaper and of guarenteed quality,

Apartments in the city can be up to £380 for an average but decent western apartment. All though many companies offer apartments for their teaches.

They really want private classes in China, so you can earn extra income this way. For example you can be paid £25 for an ordinary conversation class, and you can charge more for grammar class. Working 4 hours a week can get you an extra £400 a month.

3. Vietnam 

Most of the jobs offered in Vietnam come are offered through private schools and not government schools. There are many private language schools in Hanoi and HCM City. The benefits of working here are high, as you have the opportunity to earn £1500 in one month, and you are able to save most of that.

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A basic one bedroom apartment in Vietnam will cost around 250 dollars - or sometimes less. A coffee - 1 dollar. All meals eating out from 1 dollar to 5 dollars. Buy a second hand motorbike in Hanoi can cost 200 dollars or less. 

The differences between China and Vietnam, are little, but both prove a high rating for - value for money. In Vietnam you won't get flight re-reimbursements and you will have to most likely work on the wrong visa. For long term go to China, short term, go to Vietnam.