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Friday 11 December 2015

Thailand Saved - Thailand Airlines Allowed to Fly In Europe

Thailand Saved - Great News For Travelers To Europe and Thai Economy

Thailand air-lines have not been banned from flying in the European skies. The European Aviation Safety Agency agreed last Thursday that Thai Airlines can continue working. There was speculation that they could be banned - speculation ey!

They thought that they might be banned as America has banned them already and they thought Europe may follow suit. The banning from America - this comes down to the strict regulations that the US FAA have in place - and they downgraded them hence the banning in the U.S

Thai Airways

What will happen with the EASA?

The EASA will continue to keep an eye on Thailand's aircrafts and flight companies. And if anything serious happens which amounts to misconduct, then they will be banned. They have also stated that they are available to help the Thai Airlines if they need to.
An agreement was signed on Wednesday that will have the EASA assist Thailand in implementing methods to improve air safety in the country.

What effects would a ban have?

At this moment of time over a quarter of Thai Airlines money (revenue) comes from Europe. With many many travelers going to Thailand via these airlines. Therefore, the European market is very important in Thailand. And it is stated that nearly 25 per cent of Europe's tourists fly with Thai Airlines.

Flying To Thailand From London: Facts


1. There are several airlines that run from London, Heathrow to Bangkok, Thailand these both of the national airlines include: Thai Airways and Mjets.
2. You can get a visa-on-arrival < This constantly changing so check before you leave.
3. The non-stop flight time from London to Bangkok is 11.5 hours. British Airways also run direct flights to BKK. It's a long trip, so be sure to find something interesting to do.
4. Cheapest time to travel will be low - season. Which runs from March to October, and you can fly for about £400 one-way. 

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