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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Top 5 Ways To Save Money Traveling Around The World

5 Tip To Save Money When Travelling Around The World

We all want to save money. Whether it be to buy something new, or to have a tiny nest - egg. Saving money is easy if you stick at it. The money you save will go far when travelling Asia. Let's have a look and see how you save money to travel.

1. Short haul flight - when buying your flight, don't buy the extras such as food and drink, these can be pricey. Make sure you are full before you fly. And don't pay extra for a selected seat of your choice. I found out by not selecting a seat, the passenger will almost always get the fire escape seat. Lots of leg room. When possible book your seat directly with the airline, its a much safer way to book your travel.

2. Use the hotel mini-bar but restock it afterwards. Correct timing and they'll never know. Only do this if you are a really tight person. But usually the hotel mini - bar is quite pricey. So you what you think is best.

3. You can book a bed in a dormitory they are low cost and in some cities the dormitory has a twin room - during off-peak, you will probably get a twin room for yourself, but only pay dormitory prices. So it's a win-win. During high season dormitories can be full of young travelers getting drunk every evening, just be careful. And the other bonus is that you can meet other like-minded people from other countries.

4. Hey smokers you buy your cigarettes at the airport - tax free! I have to mention this as its something that I enjoy. If your travelling inside Europe and heading to the U.K, you will have to pay tax. But if you are coming back from the far-east, no problem. They usually check your passport, and there is a limit to how many you can buy.

5. Don't over stay your visa - overstaying has hefty fines in store for you. Some countries don't mind, you can just enter and exit. But be careful as rules always change, for example now in Thailand - the Thai Visa rules state that you can overstay, but you will be blacklisted.

How do you save money when you travel?

Wow so I found out another way I can save money on my travels.

I have 2 contracts a month: vodafone = £25

three = £20

If only I could figure out a way not to pay these contracts, well I did with a little help from a friend.
Contact your provider's and see if they can put your account on hold whilst your away. I telephoned Vodafone, and all they said I had to do was go into one of their branches, and provide evidence i'll be going away and they can do this. By putting my accounts on hold, i'm able to save £45 a month for Thailand. Thanks phone companies. Life savers!

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