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Monday, 14 December 2015

Dengue Fever Thailand - Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered - Dengue Fever - Carol, 33, England

Hi, we are all booked for our trip to Bangkok, and Koh Samui in August. This year there has been a lot of dengue fever outbreaks and there is much talk about dengue fever being the real concern and i have to say i am feeling really panicked about our trip now. Can a voice of reason try and set my mind at rest?

Answer: Yes. We hope we can set your mind at rest. Make sure you always keep yourself protected. Buy some deet spray. When you buy the deet, you are looking for ones with high percentage. As you know dengue fever is spread via mosquitoes (often during the night). Just take the necessary precautions and enjoy your holiday. Make sure you check out the spicy food :)