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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thailand News - 21st November 2015

Police in ChiangMai, Thailand  are looking for 2 Thailand girls who may have drugged and robbed two foreign tourists (one American and one Canadian) in the early hours of Friday.

The men had met the girls, probably at a gogo bar, and agreed to go to a hotel, where they were apparently drugged and left unconcious whilst the girls robbed them.

Apparently, before they left the bar, they were give some fruit which contained the drugs. Maybe they should have left the forbidden fruit alone.

Manager Online reported that the men told officers that the women gave them some fruit to eat shortly after arriving back at their hotel room. A short time later the men were unconscious and didn’t wake up until the following morning when they discovered they had been robbed.

The Canadian man had two phones robbed (who needs two phones) and his credit card, whilst the American had 'valuables' of up to 10000 missing from his room.

These men were 100 per after sex, so I say it serves them right, this time they were exploited!

Meanwhile... In Phuket The Water Reserves Are Running Dry --

The following report comes from Phuket News
The news comes Just four weeks ago Phuket Governor Chamroen Tipayapongtada publicly announced there was enough water on the island for everyone until the next rainy season arrives in May next year. 
Phuket Vice Governor Dr Prachiad Aksornthamakul, who sits on the provincial water supply committee, this week called on everyone across the island to keep reserves of at least 200 litres of water in their homes in “case of emergency”.
In Wichit, that “emergency” occurs all too often, with entire residential areas having their water mains supply redirected to serve other nearby areas on rotation, confirmed Chatchai Meechai, chief of the PWA’s water management division.
“There is not enough water pressure to ensure water supply consistently reaches homes all along Cape Panwa,” he said.“We do the best we can, and we only reduce water pressure – not shut it off – every two days, so that one area, such as Khao Khad, has consistent pressure for two days, then the next area, say the end of Cape Panwa, has consistent pressure the next two days.”
Comments from residents however, many of which are regularly posted on the PWA’s Facebook page, indicate that the “reduced” water pressure means there is not enough pressure for water to pour from taps, effectively leaving the home with no running water at all.


The effect is not only at the far reaches of Cape Panwa. Residents along Sakdidet Rd and even on Pattana Thongtin Rd, but also within a few hundred meters of the Wichit Municipality main office, are often without water.
Sakkamol Khawillaikul, chairman of the Wichit Municipal Council, knowns the problem well. “This issue is not new. We have been struggling with this for some time,” he said candidly.

“There is not enough water for people in Wichit, simply because the water mains pipes are too small and the increasing number of accommodations and residents in the area.

“We always follow up this issue and try to provide enough water for everybody and the PWA always respond the best they can – as the water supply pipes are their responsibility – but we still don’t have enough water.”

Wichit Municipality is looking for land to create a natural reservoir to help provide an alternative water source closer to the community it serves, he added.

“I believe that this project will be finished next year,” Mr Sakkamol said.


Meanwhile, Mr Chatchai of the PWA says the problem is that Sakdidet Rd and areas further along the cape receive their water from mains that first supply Phuket Town. 

“Some residents in Wichit complain that they suffer water shortages more than any other areas, and this because Wichit receives water after Phuket City,” he said. 
“We do our best for people on Sakdidet Road, but the fast-growing high-density of the population living in the area has outpaced the ability of mains to serve them. 
“That is why the PWA has a project to upgrade water mains all across Phuket. This project should be complete by February 2016,” he added.
Mr Chatchai, however, did not elaborate specifically when the water supply mains would be rectified for the people of Wichit. 
He did, however, urge people with water supply problems to call the PWA hotline at 082-7901634.
“The PWA Call Centre is the best option. Please call us there if you need help,” he said.


Vice Governor Dr Prachiad’s diagnosis and prognosis concurred with tat of Mr Chatchai.
“Wichit is at the end of mains supply line, so the PWA is working on expanding water supply network now,” he said. 
“After, water mains pipes are in place, we will have improved water supply from the Bang Wad and Bang Niew Dum reservoirs, which will be enough supply for everybody.”
In the meantime, Dr Prachiad urged people to keep water reserves in their homes.
“In case of emergency, please inform the PWA directly,” he said.