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Sunday, 20 January 2013

The wheel chair user, the air head, and the one that died!

I'm currently sat in a £40 a month hotel, with a boiler, wifi and fridge - living the dream! I've now lived and worked teaching English in the East of Thailand (Iasan) for two months.

The place is called Nong Bau Daeng remote and in the middle of nowhere. Now being off the tourist trail and in the "real" Thailand, I thought I wouldn't of met these types of characters, but far from it.

They call foreigners here falang/farang - and most of them in these parts are old men, building a house with a Thai wife in tail. They also think they know everything about Thailand and the way it works. I welcome advice from older people - not older perverts!

Pay they say, pay for a woman, NO I say, I have some kind of morals! Go on all you need to do is go to the Karaoke bar! I say no. You've got a lot to learn, they say! Fuck off I say - and I think to myself - If I want to take advice off an old, bold, vest wearing geezer, from Southend of all places, who's in a wheel chair, after arguing with his wife and going after her on a scooter and crashing because he was pissed - then I will but for now i'm perfectly contempt with eating sausage on a stick and buying cigarettes from 7/11 for 70p! Fuck you old falang geezer!

Another type of falang that hangs out with their Thai wive's in rural Thailand! Are the meat head, ex service men, who think they have the right to starting arguing with anyone whenever they like, and causing fights! No way to behave its not your country - I say, or think at least whilst sipping a coca-cola and watching the drama unfold! This type of person will probably ended up being booted out of Thailand sooner or later.

And then there's the friendly Aussie geezer - opposite end of the spectrum. When I arrived in Nong Bau Daeng, I met this guy in the first week, bought me a drink, and was friendly to everyone, he worked 5 weeks on and off in Australia, soon after he we went we found out he died - in his sleep.

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