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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Can I Win The Lotto in 2016?

What Can I Do To Win The Lotto!

We all dream of winning a lotto at some points in our lives. It would make our live a hell of a lot easier! We wouldn't have to worry about the bills, or mortgages or even the economic downfall that some countries are currently experiencing. To win the lotto would be amazing buy a Ferrari, take your family on a dream holiday, and not have a worry in the world. But is it difficult to win the lottery? Is there a way to win the lottery through tips and predictions? Read on if you want to find out more!

Winning A Lotto By Chance

There are many people that win the lottery by chance. Not more so than people who pick random numbers. So the answer is yes, we can. But will that chance ever happen to you? Probably not. If you are playing the English National Lottery, or the Euro millions, the chances of winning are very poor, as there are only a limited number of winning numbers available. Such as one line of six numbers and a bonus ball. But in other countries such as India and Thailand your chances of winning are much higher but the payout is less. In the Thai Lotto there are over 50 different winning numbers that you can match and win a frivolous prize. In the short term this is good, but the money usually doesn't last long enough so you play again, and again, and again.

Is Playing The Lotto A Waste Of Money

Playing week after week and not winning for year after year, can sometimes feel humiliating. But we think you should continue. After all, what other guilty pleasures do other people have? They like to smoke or dink alcohol, which costs a lot more money than playing the Thailand lotto. If you have some spare cash every month then give it a go. Its fun and easy to play - all that with the pleasure of watching the lottery draw, is surely worth the little money spent on the golden lottery ticket. But no matter what we say, its your choice. You could even spend more money paying for lotto tips, that might help, but are not a dead cert.

Where are the Best Lotteries Played?

Usually England, Europe and North America have the best paying national lotteries. But the chances of winning are typically lower than other countries such as Thailand or Vietnam. One of the biggest lottery payouts was to a British man and wife Colin and Chris Wear, they won over 161 million pounds in July 2011, at that time they were the UK's biggest ever prize winners - catapulting them to fame. And subsequently divorcing.

The national lottery in the UK is played on a weekly and is run by government agencies. Just like their counterparts in America or Australia. Whereas the Thailand Lotto is played twice a month, but has many more chances too win, usually on the 1st and 16th of every month. Tickets can only be bought in the mainland of Thailand and cannot be played online. There are some other competitions available that base the winners on the Thailand Lottery Results, these can be played online.

Should I Play In A Syndicate

A Syndicate group is a group of people that play the lotto together. For example 6 people will choose 6 sets of numbers, and if any of these numbers are the winning numbers, then they share the jackpot. This has its downfalls, sometimes someone hasn't paid for the intial ticket, so the rest of the group do not give them a share of the jackpot. Or the syndicate leader has failed to purchase the tickets and the winning numbers came up. So syndicates has its drawbacks, before you take part in a syndicate its best to draw up a legally binding agreement.

How To Play Any National Lottery

There are so many ways that you can pick your winning numbers in the standard lottery game. You could have lucky numbers of a family members birthday, you could use the number of the day you got married, there are many ways to chose your lucky numbers. But no matter what, there isn't a way to know the numbers before they are drawn.

As the Thailand Lotto has more winning numbers, then companies can make specific predictions on the next numbers, these numbers are usually analyzed to see when and what frequency these numbers get drawn. Some people try to trick the players and say that they already know the numbers that will be drawn, this is not true. When you buy your Thai Lotto Ticket, the numbers have already been printed, so you have to buy the best set of numbers. You cannot chose single numbers like the English Lottery.

Thailand Lottery Paper

Thailand Lottery Paper's are used by Thai people and Saudi people to try and win the Thai Lotto. Every month companies produce more and more Lotter Papers. Read more about it > Thailand Lottery Paper

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