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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Travel Thailand - British Overstay Blacklisted For 5 Years

Chonburi, Thailand: British Man Blacklisted From Thailand For 5 Years

A man believed to be from England has been caught overstaying on his Visa. Although the current rules are now in place, some foreigners think they are untouchable. Including this foolish British man.
Image Source Pattaya Mail Dot Com
He has overstayed his Visa by 106 days approximately 3.5 months. Enough time to do as he likes whilst flying under the radar - unnoticed.
Chonburi Immigration officers stopped the British man as he was acting very suspicious in his behabiour. They found him on Walking Street.
The British mans name is Matthew Joseph Love, aged 32 years old.
His passport showed he had a 30 day visa exemption stamp - and he overstayed by such a long period of time. Under new Thai Immigration law they are allowed to ban foreigners for any amount of time that they like.
If you are overstay-ing your best chance is to hand yourselves in as by doing this you can get a very short ban of 1 year. If you keep overstaying like Matthew Joseph Lowe and then they catch you, they will ban you on their terms. Best bet is not to overtay!

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