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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Missing Interpol Girl Found In Thailand 2016

Missing Backpacker Grace Taylor, 21 Found

Grace Taylor, a missing backpacker made a distressing phone call to her family on the 21st of February stressing that people were trying to 'hurt her'.

Since the phone call her mother, Sam Taylor, launched an appeal to help find her backpacking daughter. A similar occurrence happened only a few months ago, when another backpacker, Mr Jacobs went missing, also found.

Safe and Well

The police found her sitting in a coffee shop, where she had missed a flight, at Krabi Airport, Ao Nang. Grace Taylor has now been detained by the police, for her own safety.

Her mother also suggested to DailyMail that a family member was flying out to meet her and bringing her home.

Her mothers facebook appeal went viral attract over 30,000 shares on social media. She explained that her daughter stayed at hostel, the previous night, in Pattaya, although this is uncertain.

Thai Police and Dorset Police Collaborate For Missing Grace

Krabi Police, and Dorset Police collaborated together to find her, after the Dorset Police received a phone call reporting a missing girl.

'We received a call on Sunday morning reporting a missing woman travelling alone in Thailand.' 
'The family haven't been able to speak to her since Tuesday, February 16. We are now liaising with Interpol and an investigation is underway.' - Dorset Police
As soon as the reports came in the police did search Krabi province for Grace but could not find her. They have now stressed that Grace has not come to any harm, and will be flying home soon.

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