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Monday 29 February 2016

Man U V Arsenal 2016 Premiership

Football Highlights From The BPL Premiership

This weekend saw two of the most dramatic games of the season. With Manchester United visiting Arsenal, and Liverpool playing Man City in the Capital One Cup Final 2016.

The first game was a '5-goal-thriller'. With Man U still chasing 4th position, and Arsenal still fighting to get to number 1 and win the league.

Man U have had a turbulent season so far, and the midweek's game was probably the game they needed to give them confidence after winning 5 - 1 against Midtjylland in the Europa League. This game also saw the debut of young home grown player Rashford. Rashord's debut was a dream come true for him after scoring 2 goals for United, and sealing them a postion in the final 16. Which they have been drawn against Liverpool.

Back to United V Arsenal. Not much to say apart from them winning 3 - 2 against the almighty Arsenal. They certainly are beginning to prove themselves, but unfortunately this has come a bit late as its nearing the end of the season. Rashford again scored two goals for United, and is beginning to shine like a star. Come on you reds!

And if the fans thought the manager was boring, well Van Gaal sent the internet into a storm, with memes. He fall to floor to show to the referee that Arsenal were diving.


It seems Liverpool are destined never to win a cup again. Yesterday saw the final of the Capital One Cup with Liverpool playing Arsenal for this trophy.

Unfortunately it came down to penalties and City just about nailed it to become The Capital One Cup Winners of 2016

Willy Caballero was City's unlikely hero after saving 3 penalties and becoming a stand out 'understudy' keeper of the season. Joe Hart was unavailable, so Pellegrini gave Caballero another chance after his lack-luster performance against Chelsea in the Premiership one week before.

Liverpool boss Klopp was not happy and stated he felt like shit. But 'thats the way the cookie crumbles' for Liverpool, no matter how hard they try, no matter what they do, they always seem to lose out. IS there hope for Liverpool anymore? Who knows! But well done Man City. You gave Pellegrini something to smile about as he completes his final season at Man city.


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