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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Where Can I See The Long Neck Ladies in Thailand?

Where Can I see The Long Neck Ladies?

The Long Neck Ladies, or Karen People, are a very important ethnic group reside in North Thailand. In a small place called near Chang Mai called Mai Hong Son, near Pai.

Why Do They Wear These Brass Rings Around Their Neck?

There are many reasons for these women to wear the brass rings around the neck - one of the most bizarre reasons was that it was there to protect them from tigers eating them. 

Long Neck Ladies

But the best reason that we could comprehend was that it was a sign of beauty and wealth, the more rings worn the better. If these women chose to have an extra marital affair then they would be considered bad Long Neck Ladies. The punishment would be to removal of the rings. This would result in the woman being unable to care for herself, and having to lie down all the time. Due to neck muscles not forming properly.

These ladies originate from Myanmar (Burma). During the 1900s with the Burmese strict regime and conflict they fled to Thailand and this is where they continue to live out their lives.

Should I Visit The Long Neck Ladies

Many people do go and see these long-neck ladies in the mountainous villages of Pai, Thailand. But some people are against this - they believe that the Thai's are promoting this and the ladies get used in some sort of tourist trap. Somewhat like, the small people village in China, which was made even more famous by Karl Pilkington and his adventure program.

Firstly we had to pay 300THB just to enter the village. However it was not a village, it was just rows of open stalls selling the same thing one could find on any street in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. - One Visitor Complained on TripAdvisor

Of course there's the opposite to the above quote - tourists go and see them, which therefore provides them with an income to keep the tribe going. Without this income then the ladies would have to leave the mountainside - their villages and their homes. And join today's society where they are not completely adapted. 

How To Get To Mae Hong Son

Mae Hing Son is easy to get to (if you know how!). There are frequent bus services which run from Chang Mai, with a stop in Pai, and then up to Mae Hong Song. These buses cost around 150 baht. When you are in Chang Mai you need to locate Arcade Bus Station and from here they can help you. Other options include hiring a car in Chang Mai to get to MHS and you will be able to travel more freely.

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