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Thursday 21 January 2016

Dengue Fever 2016 Tridsadee Sahawong ทฤษฎี สหวงษ์

Dengue Fever 2016 Update Thailand

Last year (2015) there was huge health scare with over 140,000 people diagnosed with dengue fever. 

This year (so far) seems no different. Upto 583 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever, within the first 11 days of January 2016. Again Thailand are trying to suss this out, it has been a terrible disease that has plagued Thailand for many years.
the number of patients could soar to 166,000 this year - comparable with the last big outbreak in 1987, when there were about 170,000 cases. - Permanent Secretary of Public Health Dr Sopon Mekthon
most of the patients this year were aged between 15 and 24, and added that young people were the most at risk from the mosquito-borne disease. - Doctor Sopon
Most of the new cases of dengue fever have not killed so far this year. 

Tridsadee Sahawong ทฤษฎี สหวงษ์ 1980 - 2016

Tridsadee Sahawong ทฤษฎี สหวงษ์ died on Monday from dengue fever. Fans are grieving at this time, and we send our thoughts to his family. Please be careful, whether you live in Thailand, or you just travelling. Check out how to prevent Dengue Fever and if you are worried go straight to a medical centre.
The 37-year-old spent two months in a coma battling infections and complications from the disease. He leaves behind his wife, Vanda, and two-year-old daughter, Mali.

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