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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Chinese Tourists Arrested For Credit Card Scam

4 Residents of China Arrested For Credit Card Scam in Thailand

The four Chinese nationals that were arrested and taken into custody are:

Men: Zu Jian, 42; Cui Yuan Chang, 31; Tan Guo Ping, 40; and Lui Shujin, 41. Woman: Zhu Gao Ping, 53.

Chinese Tourists Arrested

2 were detained on New Years Day (Jan 1st) and on January 2nd the remaining 3 were arrested. These Chinese tourists were taken into custody in Sathon district in Bangkok.

Crime Suppression Division - Thailande

The Crime Suppression Division found many fraudulent items including 182 credit cards with chips, a card reader, a card printing machine and 3 laptops along with numerous amounts of passports - enough to put them away for a very very long time.

When police originally arrived at the place where the ATM cards were trying to be used, they only found one of theses depraved gang members - Mr Zu

the arrests were carried out after an employee from Siam Commercial Bank reported to the CSD that two Chinese suspects made payments using a fake credit card at a gold shop at the Big C Ratchadamri branch in Pathumwan district on Friday. - Pol Col Panthana Nutchanart - deputy CSD commanded
The police initially followed Zu to a hotel where he was stating - tje Tivoli Hotel, Soi 1. This is where they came across another suspect (Mr Cui) who was trying to flee in a car with Chinese number plates. Luck was not on his side. They startled and captured Mr Zu.

we found a number of fake credit cards and machines used to produce fake credit cards in the suspects’ rooms. Police Officers Stated

Mr Cui's car was then found to be rented by another other the suspects Mr Tan, he was staying at another hotel - The Malaysia Hotels. After apprehing Mr Tan, the police were then able to follow up leads and find out the whereabouts of the other suspects including Mr Lui who was also at the Tivoli Hotel.

The Confession

Chinese are not very good at lying, so finally after many hous of questioning they confessed to using the fake credit cards to buy gold, and then, in turn, exchange the gold for money. Clever idea but they were caught. No doubt when they finally get back to China, they will be slapped with a travel ban, and be re-arrested in China for bringing shame upon their country.

He said the suspects travelled to the country several times in the past eight months and would stay between 1-2 weeks each time. - Pol Col Panthana 


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