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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Foreign Man Killed in Ang Thang

A Japanese National has been found murdered in his apartment in  Vises Chaicharn - Ang Thang - Phuket

He was found with his throat slashed in his bedroom. His name is Mr Kazuo Youshioko and was married to a Thai girl aged 83 years old.

According to his Thai wife, Ms Poranee Napadol, she was not at home last night but went to visit her mother. She returned home this morning to find that her house had been robbed and her husband was found lying dead in pool of blood inside the bedroom.
Duty police officer Pol Lt Ratakit Khaokaen and a team of investigators inspected the house located in a large area found blood traces in front of her neighbour house and a blood stained scissor inside the dust bin in front of the house.
A neighbour Mrs Sompong Napadol told police that her husband, Samphand,  has disappeared from home since last night leaving only his motorcycle 500 metres from home. -
Samphand hadn't returned home until morning. Police say they were looking for Samphand as he was a most likely suspect in the death of the Japanese man.
Police said they found blood stains in front of Samphand’s house and he disappeared suspiciously. This is most likely the murder but innocent until proven guilty of course. Too much of this kind of thing happens in South East Asia, please stay safe people.