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Monday, 17 August 2015

9 Reasons Blogging is Annoying

Reasons You Shouldn't SEO Your Blog

1. When I try to SEO my blog. I always check the stats in Blogger. The stats in blogger are not accurate. As I'm writing this i'm still scrolling back to look at the stats! The pageview's don't count for one visitor. So if 1 visitor looked at five pages on your site, that will knock up the pageview counter by five. It's not realistic.


2. You will spend hours and hours reading every little thing you can about blogging. You will find out information about title tags/keywords, but you will read about that over and over again. You will always look at your template to improve the html title code. Heck, i'm confused and i'm three months into blogging.

3. You will find out information about Meta tags? What are meta tags? Something you find on a dress? Again you will read and read and read about meta tags - and again you still won't get it. Do meta tags improve your search ranking.

4. You will go out of your mind if google's not ranking you. You will edit your title's and meta tags just in case that's the reason google's not ranking you. You will go out of your mind. You will look at google index, and not understand why you are indexed but not getting traffic.

5. You will find out what a robots.txt is, this one is easy you will then implement it into your blog.

6. At this point you will probably find out you need to improve your URL's in blogger. Yes victory you know how to do it. Everyone has written the same thing on this subject so you are spoilt for choice! You will then try to submit these links again to FETCH as google.

7. You will start looking at more ways to improve SEO: replying on others blogs that are in the same niche as you; submitting your domain to other directories; find out you might need to write a million unique blogs just to get recognized.

8. Eventually you will just sit back and relax and write blogs at your own pace. Have a cup of tea, watch a soap opera. Until the next morning you will do 1 - 7 again, and again.

9. You might quit, or you will come to the realization that you need to stop looking at page views and google analytic's. And write from your heart. The best way.

Now I will go and check my pageviews!

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