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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Thailand Latest News - Full Moon Party 2016

News About The Full Moon Party - Thailand

The popular full moon parties on Koh Phangan in Suratthani will be allowed again but with conditions that bars and sellers should strictly follow the official Thai rules and regulations.
Young westerner tourist often flock to these parties - but more often than not they cause trouble through alcohol and drugs taking. Let's hope they follow the rules this time. Full moon party dates for 2016 are below.

Dates For The Thai Full Moon Parties (2016) 

  1. Saturday, January 23rd
  2. Saturday, February 23rd
  3. Tuesday, March 22st
  4. Thursday, April 21st
  5. Saturday, May 21st
  6. Sunday, June 19th
  7. Thursday, July 21st
  8. Thursday, August 18th
  9. Friday, September 16th
  10. Monday, October 17th
  11. Monday, November 14th
  12. Wednesday, December 14th

About Moon Parties 2016

Expect to visit Koh Phangan once a month for a hectic weekend - hotels and accommodations prices rise. But it is an experience. Everyone's out to have fun (albeit sometimes the wrong way). But be careful and you should have a great time. Make sure you book accommodation, and don't stay on the beach. It can be a dangerous place.

Full moon parties were banned following complaints by local people and communities that they were badly affected by the noisy parties. The provincial administrative office received the complaints and later came out with the ban of full moon parties.

Moon Party - Locations and Dates

 Half Moon Party, SRA Manohra Party and Cheeva Moon Party.

Full moon dates: 2015 - Tuesday 26, May Tuesday 23, June Friday 10, July Friday 24, July Saturday 08, August Sunday 23, August Friday 04, September Sunday 20, September Tuesday 06, October Wednesday 21, October Friday 06, November Thursday 19, November Thursday 03, December Saturday 19, December

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