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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Norwegian Couple Nearly Die In Sinking Mud - Thai News

KRABI inThailand - A  fisherman has been hailed as a  hero because he came to the rescue and saved a couple from Norway who had become stuck in mud in Krabi River. 

The actions of Mr Chat Ubonchinda were caught on camera. 

The footage has been uploaded onto youtube  and has been viewed over 1.5 million times. The drama unfolded on Friday morning when the unnamed Norwegian couple had became stuck in waist high mud when taking photographs of Krabi River. 
Mr Ubonchinda who was out in his fishing boat at the time, saw the couple get into difficulty and decided to go their rescue, reports Khaosod.
 In the footage, Mr Ubonchinda can be seen first moving all of the couple’s photography equipment to safe ground, before returning to try and pull the couple out of the mud. I would have taken the couple and then the equipment personally, I guessed he figured if they drowned he could make a few pennies off selling the camera equipment. Mr Ubonchinda risks his own well being by laying face down in the mud, allowing the couple to use his body to walk over to free themselves. I cannot think of anyone with this much kindness, Thai's are simply the best. After the couple were able to get free, Mr Unbonchinda went to his boat and was on his way. 
The couple have tried to contact their rescuer to show their thanks. However, Mr Unbonchinda told reporters he did not want anything in return for his actions. - associated press