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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Vietnam NEWS: Visa For Americans

VIETNAM issue new VISA Rules For Americans

Vietnamese Parliament has issued a new Visa change for Americans, which could mean victory for tourists and Vietnam alike. The proposal for the new visa is that Americans can receive a 1 year visa with multiple entries. Multiple entries means that they have to exit and enter the country a certain amount of times for the VISA to be valid. < If I am incorrect about this please let me know.

The old visa rules Americans were only allowed to travel on a 3 month visa, and with many tourists and travelers wanting to stay in Vietnam for a longer time, this was a real pain.

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'A parliament resolution to ratify the Diplomatic Note on Visa Granting between Vietnam and the United States, which is expected to boost tourist and business ties between the two countries, won 92.9 percent of votes at a NA session on April 8.' -

The US currently offers Vietnamese people a one year visa with multiple entry. This new change makes it fair. But why don't they do this with other western countries? Surely this would boost tourism, and therefore increase turnover in the tourist industry. Personally, it would be great if they would grant the same kind of VISA to the English. My jealousy is rife!

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Top Weird People To Meet In Thailand

Weird People You Meet In Thailand - 2016

My first week in Thailand I've met some of the nicest and some of the weirdest people I've ever met! I've decided to write a little about them below.

American Vietnam War Veteran...This man must be at least 70+ and talks like Hank off King of the Hill. He told me about the place's he's lived including South America and The Philippines. He has come to Thailand as its getting to dangerous for him in the Philippines. He told me he lives off pensions from America and they total $850. He wants to get married as his pension will go up - but then he'll have to pay for 2 people to live, so probably not worth it. He also asked me how to get a Thai wife so he could do this - I don't know these things - he wrote a letter to the hotel manager asking him to find him a teenage wife. The manager basically said this is virtually impossible! He talks to himself too.

English Fugitive - This man is bold and in his 40s, he's very conscious about what he says to people although I managed to get him to tell me that he couldn't go back to the UK. I overheard his friend ask him to go to Cambodia, but he said he couldn't as he didn't have a passport. Something's definitely up with him. Again, this man speaks to himself.
Chinese Girl and Dutch Man - Two very nice people. Simple as that. Friendly to chat to and not so weird. They're heading South soon like me, yay!

The Japanese - My second night in Bangkok I met two Japanese people, one boy and one girl, both travelling seperately on different types of trips. The lad, he's all about drinking and finding the hot women - and the girl well she likes her art and yesterday went visiting around all the Art Galleries in Bangkok. He can speak good English, she can not - when I had conversation with her we had to talk through google translator. Both cool people and both so very different.
The French - This man I met was at my hotel for about 3 days, he's a natural born traveler, travelling all over the world. He eventually wants to settle in Japan. He even left the girl he loved as he's devoted to travelling. He comes from France, and has residency on one of the French Colonised Carribean Islands I think.

The American Yank - big, sweaty, dirty pervert, heard him talking about "fucking thai girls with tight pussies for money" I understand some tourists are after this but don't broadcast it to everyone. He did tell me something interesting though, New York is not just sky-scrapers, it has mountains and countryside too!

The Germans - One's miserable, the others happy to talk to me. He tells me how he loves nature and has been on lots of jungle treks and visits to national parks in Thailand. He also showed me his picture of a frog - nice picture of a frog as it goes! Hes old - 60 minutes before he was due to leave the hotel - he was literally begging the hotel to find him a Thai prostitute!! Dirt!

The English Girl - Finally a native English person arrived at my hotel. This was great - hung out and chatted English in the evening. She told me about all the place's shes visited and has done all the island hopping down south. She worked volunteering in India for a month, she's come here for a month, and is heading out to China for a month before hitting Ozzy for a year - great plans, but she was a bit mortified when she found out that she couldn't access facebook in China. She's also worried about going, as the Chinese Girl told her it could be quite hard going by herself especially to Beijing as not many people speak English even a little. She's had some great stories from Thailand - including coming across the vegetarian festival in Thailand, where she saw Thai men cutting themselves and putting umbrellas through there neck she passed out! She also got stuck under a raft in Africa after falling out white water rafting she nearly died. It was good to finally meet someone English.