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Monday, 14 March 2016

Bangkok SCB 8 People Died by Powerful Chemicals

Bangkok: 8 Citizens Died - Chemical Substance Causes Death 

Bangkok, Thailand. On late Sunday (13th March 2016) a powerful Chemical substance was released killing 8 people. The scene of the incident was at a local bank, in the basement, inside a vault. This was not a terror attack.

Thailand News
Image Credit Reuters
Chemical Poison

The chemical posioning happened in a vault inside the HQ (headquarters) of one of Thailand's major banks - Siam Commercial Bank. The bank is located on Ratchadaphisek Rd in central Bangkok. 

The incident happened due to a upgrade in the banks Chemical Fire Safety system. This was an accident as contractors were completing their work. SCB has blamed the explosion on the contractors that were working on the upgrade. 

'The work may have triggered the Pyrogen aerosol which, once it works, will decrease oxygen, that could cause people's injuries and death' Siam Commercial Bank has stated in a statement released to the public.
It is thought that the contractors were working on a kind of aerosol system that is designed and used in places where water can damage certain types of important things such as documents. The aerosol system was accidentally triggered caused the room to be free of oxygen, therefore people nearby were unable to breath.

'an aerosol system called pyrogen was "inadvertently activated and exhausted all the oxygen in the area" as contractors were working on it'  stated Siam Commercial Bank.
There were delays getting to the people that died stated the Bangkok Post. Because of the doors of the vault being so tough, it made the task of getting to the victims a lot more difficult.

Autopsies have shown that the victims had died due to lack of oxygen.  Seven people were killed including a on-duty guard. 

 'There were no wounds found on their bodies. It was like they were sleeping' General Porn Sutheerakhun - Institute of Forensic Medicine.
Siam Commercial Bank expressed their sympathies:
  'SCB would like to express its sympathy to those injured and killed'

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Overstaying Thai Visa Rules 20th March 2016

Overstaying Visa in Thailand 2016

No matter what you do, don't overstay. From March 20th 2016, new rules are in place to stop foreigners overstaying. If you want to continue your adventure in Thailand then don't overstay.

It has become a big problem in Thailand - Thailand is naturally a beautiful place to visit. But many foreigners overstay on purpose. And usually pay the subsequent fine that occurs with an overstay on Thai Visa. Thailand have now decided to stop this problem, which makes a better Thailand for everybody.


During the time of writing over-stayers have to pay a fine when they exit the country. This will all be handled by the 'overstay immigration' officials. Usually the fine is 500 baht per day. And you can be imprisoned for overstaying. Regardless of this, when you exit you can comeback on another visa. But this will all change on March 20th 2016. 

What Will Happen To Overstayers on March 20th in Thailand?

Foreigners who have overstayed will be subjected to the usual procedure of having to pay the 500 baht per day, when this reaches 20,000 baht, it will stop.

But they will also face a ban on re-entering the country for a fixed amount of time.

These are the 2 ways the ban could affect you:

1. If you go to immigration things will be a lot easier. Your ban will be for a shorter amount of time.

Overstayed for 90 days                                  -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 1 year.
Overstayed for 12 months (1 year or more)  -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 3 years.
Overstayed for 36 months (3 years or more) -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 5 years.
Overstayed for 60 months (5 years or more) -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 10 years.

2. If the police find you, they will arrest you, and you will be subject to a longer ban on entering Thai Kingdom.

Overstayed less than 12 months  - Not allowed to enter Thailand for 5 years.
Overstayed more than 12 months - Not allowed to enter Thailand for 10 years.

Why Do People Overstay Their Visa?

The fines that come with an overstay are usually very little, some foreigners just don't care, and will pay the fine when they exit the country. It's 500 baht per day, up to 20000 Thai baht.

Many younger people like teachers or travelers might be just very forgetful about their overstay date, and they don't realize that at immigration they will be caught out. If you are travelling, subject to your visa, you can get a visa extension. Just be very mindful.

Some people are just hiding, maybe they are on the run, and easy option is to hide out in the sticks and overstay. Hopefully these guys will be flushed out sooner or later.

Many old people use there pensions and go to Thailand to see out their retirement. Usually meeting a younger Thai girlfriend (which becomes their carer). The problem is that many will go to the sticks, and many are very old so don't realize that they have overstayed. Or they do know and they just don't care.

Conclusion About Overstay in Thailand 2016

The rules for the overstay that take effect on the 20th March 2016 are great. They can flush out all the illegals, and hopefully make Thailand a better place overall.

Usually family tourists won't be affected by this rule, as they are with family, and need to get home. Younger travelers need to be more mindful and check their visa's for the exit date.

With the immigration crisis in Europe, foreigners should be more considerate when thinking about overstaying. Everyone knows that you shouldn't do it, so don't.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

American-US Woman Catches Zika Virus in Phillipines

Zika Virus Asia: Philippines - US woman Contracts The Virus - Todays News

Just In:
Department of Health of the Philippines said on Sunday that an American woman, who had been in the Philippines for four weeks, tested positive of Zika virus, reported Manila Bulletin 
The Philippines health Department received an email from the US center for the diseases stating that a US citizen had the symptoms of Zika Virus.
The woman had believed to of been holidaying in the Philippines for 4 weeks in January. 

So far the Philippines had only one confirmed case of the Zika Virus in 2012. This is the second only,
which has been confirmed after the woman received laboratory tests in America.

Zika Virus ThailandDengue Fever

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Founding Father Of Asean Has Died

101 Year OLD Father Of Asean - Thanat Khoman Died Today - 3rd March 2016

One of the 5 founding members of Asean has died today. He died at a local hospital in Bangkok. He passed away through natural causes at Ramathibodi hospital. He was 101 years old. 

Thanat Khoman was the foreign minister and diplomat of Thailand during 1959 through to 1971. He has played a huge part in Thailand's history. He developed business and communication with other countries in South East Asia. He was a very clever man and held a Doctorate in Law whilst studying at a French University. He was also deputy Prime Minister of Thailand from 1980 - 1982.


During the 60's Thanet helped with communication between two countries Indonesia and Malaysia. Bangkok was made the founding place (the birth place) of ASEAN on August the 8th 1967.

On that day, five leaders — the foreign ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand — sat down together in the main hall of the Department of Foreign Affairs building in Bangkok and signed a declaration. On this day all these leaders became the founding fathers.
He will hold a long funeral which is one tradition of Thailand. He will be celebrated for over 100 days in Phetchaburi Road in Bangkok. Every Saturday his rites will be held for the public to mourn.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Thailand Premier League 2016 Fixtures 05/03/2016

Thailand Premier League 2016 Fixtures 05/03/16

This weekend (5th March) will see the Thailand Premier League begin (last weeks games were postponed).

Saturday 5th March will see many games including Navy FC v Chainat Hornbill, And on Sunday we will see Pattaya Utd V Chonburi. 

Thai Lottery Results 16th March 2016

Thailand Lottery Results - 16th March 2016

Thailand Lottery is the national Thai game which almost everybody is involved in. This is because gambling in Thailand is illegal and this is the only official game they can play, it's also run by the government.

Winning Lottery Numbers:          134918

Three Lucky Numbers Winner:   877 855 973 004

Two Lucky Numbers Winner:      32

To get the latest thai lotto results join our facebook page.

Don't forget to grab your Thai Lottery Tickets, and then come back here Thailand in the News on the 16th March for the lotto results.

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Thai Court Gives Channel 3 Host Sorayuth 13 Year Prison Sentence

Popular Channel 3 Host Sorayuth Has 13 Year Prison Sentence

Sorayuth Suthassanachinda was sentenced today by the Thai Criminal Court. His company financial officer was also sentenced to the same prison term. This comes after his company Rai Som were found guilty of corruption against the State owned company MCOT PLC.

They cheated the state of 138 million baht in 2005 and 2006. This long court room drama came to an end which today, with the Criminal Court justifiably giving them long term prison sentences.


The Rai company were found guilty of hiding money from MCOT (government owned), upwards of 138 million baht, and failed to notify their partners of about this money.

'The NACC said in its lawsuit that in June 2003, MCOT contracted Sorayuth to be the daily host for its Thueng Luk Thueng Khon news programme on TV Channel 9 for 5,000 baht an episode.'
The program that Sorayuth was host of, Thueng Luk Thueng Khon News, was a popular TV Show. With that brought high advertising revenues. Which brought in a lot of money, in turn Sorayuth and the financial manager Rai Som, failed to declare this money to MCOT - hence MCOT losing out on their share of advertising revenue.

They were both taken to court and had charges against them from the Anti Corruption Commission of Thailand. Sorayuth and mis financial manager will go to prison today, with no option of early release.

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Man U V Arsenal 2016 Premiership

Football Highlights From The BPL Premiership

This weekend saw two of the most dramatic games of the season. With Manchester United visiting Arsenal, and Liverpool playing Man City in the Capital One Cup Final 2016.

The first game was a '5-goal-thriller'. With Man U still chasing 4th position, and Arsenal still fighting to get to number 1 and win the league.

Man U have had a turbulent season so far, and the midweek's game was probably the game they needed to give them confidence after winning 5 - 1 against Midtjylland in the Europa League. This game also saw the debut of young home grown player Rashford. Rashord's debut was a dream come true for him after scoring 2 goals for United, and sealing them a postion in the final 16. Which they have been drawn against Liverpool.

Back to United V Arsenal. Not much to say apart from them winning 3 - 2 against the almighty Arsenal. They certainly are beginning to prove themselves, but unfortunately this has come a bit late as its nearing the end of the season. Rashford again scored two goals for United, and is beginning to shine like a star. Come on you reds!

And if the fans thought the manager was boring, well Van Gaal sent the internet into a storm, with memes. He fall to floor to show to the referee that Arsenal were diving.


It seems Liverpool are destined never to win a cup again. Yesterday saw the final of the Capital One Cup with Liverpool playing Arsenal for this trophy.

Unfortunately it came down to penalties and City just about nailed it to become The Capital One Cup Winners of 2016

Willy Caballero was City's unlikely hero after saving 3 penalties and becoming a stand out 'understudy' keeper of the season. Joe Hart was unavailable, so Pellegrini gave Caballero another chance after his lack-luster performance against Chelsea in the Premiership one week before.

Liverpool boss Klopp was not happy and stated he felt like shit. But 'thats the way the cookie crumbles' for Liverpool, no matter how hard they try, no matter what they do, they always seem to lose out. IS there hope for Liverpool anymore? Who knows! But well done Man City. You gave Pellegrini something to smile about as he completes his final season at Man city.


Playboy Bunny Fearz Dies in Car Crash
The Star Season 12 - Thailand

The Star - Talent Show - Thailand News 2016

The Star 12 - Thailand 

The Star is one of the longest running TV talent shows in Thailand. Since beginning in 2003 there have been over 11 winners including singers; Sonthanya Chidmane, Attapon Prakobkong, and more recently Radabdaw Srirawong.

As the Star hits a new season, its already on week 3. You will see the familiar line up of presenters and judges. Including Pakhachon Woonsri and Ekkachai Euasangkomsert who have been the shows main presenters since Season 2 of The Star Thailand.
Copyright The Star - Thailand

The Star 12 is a weekly TV show and will be shown on Saturday evenings on Monderine TV. It is produced by a German TV company - EXACT (GMM Company). 

Copyright The Star

Like many other TV Shows such as The Voice, and Xfactor - The Star travels around Thailand looking for future hopefuls to take to the stage. Judging by the Twitter trends this weekend, it will surely be another hugely successful show - you can follow the Star here on Twitter. You can watch the teaser below.

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Thai Lottery Results 1st March 2016

Thailand Lottery Results - 1st March 2016

    Winning Lottery Numbers:    439686

                 Three Lucky Numbers Winner:     530 426 155 743

                Two Lucky Numbers Winner:     06

Don't forget to grab your Thai Lottery Tickets, and then check back here on the 1st March for the results.

You must be 'in it, to win it'. So give it a shot.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Thai Playboy Bunny "Fearz" Dies Aged 25

Poonnada Sirichaisasul Dies Aged 25 - Thailand News

Thailand and the internet is mourning Thai Superstar Playboy Bunny Fur 'Fearz' real name Poonnada Sirichaisasul.

UPDATE: Poonnada Died when her car smashed into crash barriers at the Ramindra -- Ajnarong expressway near Ladprao. Her autopsy showed that she died from internal bleeding as a result. Tributes continue to pour out for this much loved Playboy Bunny. After her official autopsy a funeral will held at Wat Thepleela Temple, as is tradition in Thailand, this will be held over 3 days.

She had reportedly died following a car crash at 4am this morning. Our thoughts go out to all that knew her.

She was known as the Thai Ambassador to Playboy for 2015. She was a very popular figure amogst Thai people and had amassed over 2500000 likes on her facebook page. Leave a special message on her facebook page.

Nolan Limbong Rest in Peace, Bunny Fearz... Your time on earth was short, but you gave a lot of people joy through everything you do. God Bless You, and our condolences to your family members and friends...
LikeReply32 hrs

Mick Cim Keng Shing RIP Bunny Fearz . Though I may not know you personally but I feel sad that you are being called back by God. Maybe He has something special for you that we mortals have no idea about. May you be blessed and be an angel in heaven to overlook and take care of your bunny sisters
LikeReply64 hrs

Playboy will open a special memorial page for Fearz Fans to write special messages for her. They also wrote a special message for her. Thailand wrote a special message commemorating her:
 'Her infectious laugh, her amazing smile, the sparkle in her sweet eyes, will be with us no more, but always in our memories where she will continues to be with us in spirit and in our hearts, we will miss you dearly as your light burned so very brightly, but too very short'

This is the second death of a superstar over the past few months. Tridsadee Sahawong lost his life to dengue fever, Our thoughts go out to all the families.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Missing Interpol Girl Found In Thailand 2016

Missing Backpacker Grace Taylor, 21 Found

Grace Taylor, a missing backpacker made a distressing phone call to her family on the 21st of February stressing that people were trying to 'hurt her'.

Since the phone call her mother, Sam Taylor, launched an appeal to help find her backpacking daughter. A similar occurrence happened only a few months ago, when another backpacker, Mr Jacobs went missing, also found.

Safe and Well

The police found her sitting in a coffee shop, where she had missed a flight, at Krabi Airport, Ao Nang. Grace Taylor has now been detained by the police, for her own safety.

Her mother also suggested to DailyMail that a family member was flying out to meet her and bringing her home.

Her mothers facebook appeal went viral attract over 30,000 shares on social media. She explained that her daughter stayed at hostel, the previous night, in Pattaya, although this is uncertain.

Thai Police and Dorset Police Collaborate For Missing Grace

Krabi Police, and Dorset Police collaborated together to find her, after the Dorset Police received a phone call reporting a missing girl.

'We received a call on Sunday morning reporting a missing woman travelling alone in Thailand.' 
'The family haven't been able to speak to her since Tuesday, February 16. We are now liaising with Interpol and an investigation is underway.' - Dorset Police
As soon as the reports came in the police did search Krabi province for Grace but could not find her. They have now stressed that Grace has not come to any harm, and will be flying home soon.

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World News - Kelly Clarkson Returns to American Idol 2016

Kelly Clarkson Returns To American Idol 2016

A long, long time ago Kelly Clarkson enjoyed being the first hugely successful winner of American Idol. And it comes to no surprise, that she has returned in this last ever season of Idol.

Kelly was seen performing the track 'Piece by Piece'. This song came from the album, also 'Piece by Piece', which was Clarkson's seventh studio album since winning American Idol in 2002 - over 14 years ago.

Kelly has a lot to thank American Idol for, before winning, she was relatively un-known to the wider public. Since winning she has notched up 7 albums, and a amass of Number 1 singles, and is well known the world over.

She took to the stage this evening, whilst 8 months pregnant. Her performance was absolutely amazing and brought judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to tears. She also cried a little herself during her performance.

Copyright American Idol

'I'm pregnant and it's nostalgic and I can't believe it's the last season....yeah, really sorry I just bawled' - she said to host Ryan Seacrest.

Since performing on American Idol her song 'Piece by Piece' has shot up to number 2 in the Itunes download chart. She also took the seat as guest host on the panel. As you can see from American Idol's Twiiter Feed, she did quite well!

ICYMI: absolutely SLAYED as a judge and performer on ! Watch NOW:

Check out her performance on American Idol

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Monday, 22 February 2016

Apink Welcome To Thailand 2016 K-POP

Welcome APINK to Thailand 2016

Today's twitter trends show that  is a top trend. This is of course great for APINK a 6 piece girl band from Korea, currently part of the K-Pop Music Movement.  They began their careers in 2011 and continue to grow bigger and get better as the years go by.

The likes of EXO, APINK, and TF Boys are loved through out Asia, from Thailand to Japan and China. It literally is a huge movement, and PSY's Gangnam Style helped to spurn in.

Apink are currently in Thailand promoting there current work. And soon after, will jet off to Singapore for another music show. These are very busy girls in the show business world.

Since April 2011 the girl group has become a huge sensation with a huge fan-club spread across Asia.

Late 2016 will see APink take their tour to North America. As K-Pop, grows and grows, more of these bands become bigger and well known in the West. EXO being one of the first groups to have a top 50 album (EXOdus) in the US Charts.

Happy Ten Day - Happy Birthday Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul

Ten Celebrates His 20th Birthday

Chittaphon Leechaiapornkul celebrates his 20th Birthday today. He was born on the 27th of February 1996. He comes from Bangkok, Thailand. And has become a huge success in Thailand and Korea.

He is now part of an Asian group called SMROOKIES that train would be superstars to become better performers. SMROOKIES have previously had the chance to go on live TV and support bands such as EXO.

He shot to fame in Thailand and Korea during 2014, where he won Teen Superstar a Thailand Talent competition. The award for winning this show was to join an agency 'Starship Entertainment' and agency which deals with Asian based acts.

Keep an eye out for TEN in 2016 as he is sure to get bigger and better, having already appeared in television shows and making regular live music performances.

Happy Birthday TEN :)


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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Descendants of the Sun - First Episode 2016

Descendants of the Sun - TV News - 24th February 2016

Descendants of the Sun first Episode hit the Asian TV networks on the 24th February 2016. This show is a Korean Love Drama, spoken and based in Korea. Asia loves everything Korea, so this is sure to be a big hit.

Descendants of the Sun will run from the 24th February to the 11th April 2016. The primary Korean TV station to show this new drama will be KSB2. Shown at 10pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Descendants Of The Sun

There are 2 main characters played by Korean TV stars Soong Joong-Ki and Song Hye-KYO. This will be Soong Joong-Ki's first major acting role since being discharged from the south Korean Army on the 26th May 2015. Song Hye-Kyo (English Name Lorraine Song) has been in and out of TV and movies since she was 14, and this will be her major role in 2016.

Filming took part in Greece in the later part of last year.

The Story Line

This is a love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, who is a member of the United Nations Peacekeeping Troups, and a Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon. Because of the United Nations work relations, they are deployed to another country to carry out their work duties.

Read More: The Star Thailand 2016

Episode Dates 

This week there were 2 episodes shown on the 24th and 25th of February.

From nect week there will only be 2 episodes per week, shown on Wednesdays and Thursday nights.

Twitter Trends

Twitter has already started trending with . People are going crazy for it, which shows just how popular it already is. No doubt over the next few months, we will start seeing more twitter trends about the TV show Descendants of The Sun.


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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Celebrities In Thailand: Emily Ratajkowski

Celebrities In Thailand: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily-Ratajkowski-thMore often than not you will find all sorts of celebrities spending time in Thailand whether that be for new year, for the summer, or even spring holiday. The latest famous (ish) person to grace Thailand is Emily Ratajkowski. She is currently spending new year in Thailand.

Emily is a model / actress / Instagram famous woman. Who found fame in Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' (2013) she then when onto to act in Ben Affleck's flick 'Gone Girl'.

She is a modern day sensual pin up, who loves to share her photos on social media - She has over 4 million followers on her Instagram, and has appeared in several magazines such as GQ and Cosmopolitan - glam and sensational this stunning ladies shares with us her latest holiday snaps.

Her photo's on her Instagram, show her relaxing in Thailand, eating Thai curried noodles and showing off her jaw-dropping figure outside her holiday villa. What a spectacular woman she is.