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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Facebook Be Blocked in Thailand

Facebook has faced a huge backlash in Thailand in recent days. With the government hoping to shut it down if they didn't comply with removing defamatory post about Thai Royalty.

Despite the backlash Facebook is still working in Thailand as of the 17th May 2017.


Citing Facebook's refusal to remove "illicit URLs or posts from its site", Tispa said it "could disconnect the content delivery network (CDN)" the report said.
Tispa is Thailand's internet provider, which means at any time they can block any website which they deem unsafe for public viewing. 

"If the relevant Thai authorities find any illegal content from in our system - particularly the 131 URLs which have not yet been removed - concerned authorities will request that we shut down the CDN of and other parts of the network to block such illegal content. 

"This action may affect the entire delivery services of to customers in Thailand," Tispa said in the email.
There are many reasons Facebook is disliked in Thailand. Facebook is seen as a platform to share local news. Its against the law to say anything derogatory about the Thai Monachy, but this week there was a viral video being spread around on the social media platform about a member of the Thai Royal Family, walking around a shopping mall. We can't say too much more as we don't want to be cen-sored in Thailand.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts Son Injured On Holiday in Thailand

Update: 2016 Angelina Jolie Cambodia

Angelina Jolie is currently in Cambodia. Showing off all of her glorious tattoo's she has over 40 of them now. She is making her movie in titled 'First They Killed My Father'. No doubt this Khmer Rouge Film will be a massive hit once it get's released in 2017. She just loves Asia.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts Son Injured On Holiday in Thailand

Earlier this week Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's son was apparently involved in a jet-ski accident whilst holidaying in Phuket. US Weekly had reported that he had broken his leg. But local emergency services and jet-ski operators were not able to confirm the story from US weekly.

Angelina, Brad, and Son Pak

Where's the proof? No photo's were provided - and US Weekly stated a source had said that he was okay. 

'[Pak} on the mend and hobbling around' stated the source.

And then another publication has now reported that 12 year old Pak had not broken his leg. Just injured it. Again from another source.

Jet ski operators in Phuket and Thailand are always under scrutiny - as the incident involving 2 Chinese tourists, not so long ago, in Patong involved jet-ski's. 

Not surprisingly the Chinese government will ban Chinese tourists from visiting places like Patong and Phuket due to the low safety standards, and numbers of deaths in the past few years.

Jet-ski's Don't Risk It

The jet ski operators have released a short statement saying that they weren't involved in the accident in regards to Angelina Jolie's son.

“We are sure that the two Chinese tourists crashing their rental jet-skis in Patong is the only recent accident involving our vehicles. I am confident that our members were not involved in an incident where Angelina Jolie’s son broke his leg,” said Nucha Petchvimol, president of the Phuket Jet-Ski Club. 
“Even if the news is true, I want tourists to be confident that we are taking the very best care of those who are renting jet-skis; we are following all Marine Office regulations.”
Unlike motorbikes, Jet-ski operators aren't required licences in Thailand. This could leave deprimental effects on accident statistics. The owners of the Jet-Ski's are required to have a Thai Captain License, and insurance. 

There wasn't any record of this incident with the Phuket Marine Police.
'Just because we don’t have a report, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen though,' Lt Col Panya

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Where Can I See The Long Neck Ladies in Thailand?

Where Can I see The Long Neck Ladies?

The Long Neck Ladies, or Karen People, are a very important ethnic group reside in North Thailand. In a small place called near Chang Mai called Mai Hong Son, near Pai.

Why Do They Wear These Brass Rings Around Their Neck?

There are many reasons for these women to wear the brass rings around the neck - one of the most bizarre reasons was that it was there to protect them from tigers eating them. 

Long Neck Ladies

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Chinese Tourists Arrested For Credit Card Scam

4 Residents of China Arrested For Credit Card Scam in Thailand

The four Chinese nationals that were arrested and taken into custody are:

Men: Zu Jian, 42; Cui Yuan Chang, 31; Tan Guo Ping, 40; and Lui Shujin, 41. Woman: Zhu Gao Ping, 53.

Chinese Tourists Arrested

Friday, 1 January 2016

What VPN Do I Need in 2016?

What VPN Do I Need In Asia (China) in 2016?

Thailand, China, or Australia access the world with a VPN.

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Having a VPN allows you not only to surf the net privately but also freely in countries that block certain social media websites like Facebook or Youtube. You can buy a VPN or you can use a free one. The latter being the worse. Used for travel or when you reside in a country like Thailand, or China.

Why Do I Need A VPN In Asia Or At Home?

You can use a VPN in a western country to keep all of your site searches safe and more private (safety and privacy depends on your providers package). It can also mask your location - keep you hidden if you don't want to be found.

VPNs in countries such as America, England, and Australia - are appropriate for businesses. A worker can connect back to their offices intranet. Doing so allows workers to keep up to date with whats happening at the office.

An individual in a western country such as Australia, might want to watch some TV that's only available in America (example) - so they can use a VPN to connect to a proxy server in the US. But most TV shows are available on Youtube nowadays so proxy servers are not used as much.

VPN For Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger

You can use VPN to get onto your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Daily Motion. The list goes on, and on. Because some countries don't like you using social media, the block it out, so it's always a good idea to have a VPN.

Other alternatives for watching TV online and on the move is the Amazon Fire TV Stick . This is a new product and is a hot seller at the moment.

Key points you need to remember about the basics of VPN are as follows:

  • some VPN companies have privacy settings
  • easy to access websites
  • You can get onto social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger
  • You can get onto websites such as Dailymotion and Youtube. 

Are FREE VPN Good?

Getting a free Vpn through a simple online search is a bad idea. They are free, but are often less secure and open to more hacking from internet warriors.

Free VPNs are also very very slow, so if your watching TV online, or you are updating a Twitter account the speed of your webpages will not be significant. However if you plan to do something small that uses less MB's then a free VPN could be the way forwards.

The Speed Of A VPN

The speed of a VPN varies depending on what network you are connecting through and what county you are residing in. For example if you are in Asia, networks there are generally slower than networks in the west.

Slow VPNs mean:  - slow streaming of youtube
                                - slow streaming of music
                                - slow downloads of any kinds of data

How Can I Buy A VPN To Use In Asia?

If is often recommended to buy a VPN in your own country, as some VPN seller websites have been blocked. A simple google search for 'ExpressVPN' will do the trick. There you will find a good VPN service that is cheap and affordable.

VPN packages are available either as monthly plans, like Pay As You Go, or you can get a yearly plan. Yearly plans are often the best packages as they can work out a lot cheaper than a monthly agreement..


Make Sure Your VPN is:

  •  easy to buy yes
  •  cheap ($10 to $20 a month is good for a great VPN
  •  accessible all over the world (or the country you are in)
  •  easy to download and install onto your computer

What VPN Should I Use In Asia?

Some Asian countries block outside websites, such as China (middle Kingdom). So a lot of people will download a VPN so they can talk to their friends on facebook or whatsapp.

There are many great VPNs out there. The one that I use is called ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is very affordable, and makes my life a lot easier.

I've been using it for 2 years now. It has a great user interface, and for example if one server is down, you can easily navigate and find another server, by clicking on another country in the country tab.

As you can see with the image on the left, ExpressVPN is so accessible and easy to navigate.

If I have had any problems with the product, the company has been easy to contact through IM on their website, and resolved my problems in a matter of minutes.


Customers are able to gain access though ExpressVPN throughout the world.

  • They now have over 100 servers located in some of the worlds biggest cities.
  • Unlike many other VPNs, they do not log your browsing activities keeping your surfing and searches private. 
  • They are so confident with their services that they offer customers a 30-day money back guarantee. 
  • Easy to download and install.   
  • Help is available through instant chat.  
  • Choose to pay monthly or yearly. With automatic/manual payment planner.  
  •  Can use it on your tablet and home computer.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death in Samui

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death

Koh Samui Court Finds The Defendants Guilty

Samui, Thailand. This week two Burmese migrants were trialed and found guilty of the deaths of two British Citizens; Hannah Witheridge, 23 years old from Norfolk and David Miller from Jersey.

The 2 accused murderers Zaw Lin and Wei Phyo were trialed in a Thai Court in Koh Samui - they were accused of the killings which happened on the island of Koh Tao in September 2014. The defendants had previously made a confession that they had been tortured, by the hands of the police, into a confession but now they retract that statement.

Monday, 21 December 2015

What VISA Requirements Are Needed To Immigrate To Thailand?

What VISA Requirements Are Needed To Immigrate To Thailand?

If you ever fancied going solo and living your life to the maximum, then why not go and live in Thailand for some time? It's fun, friendly, and there is plenty to do. Buy a house, buy a car, and whatever the ex misses/husband told you that you could not. Moving to Thailand is a huge option, but there are certain requirements that you need to pass to immigrate and retire in Thailand, Asia.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Thailand Lottery 17th December 2015

The latest Thai lottery results were announced on the 17th December 2015

 1st - 930255
 first 3 digits - 140 250
 last 3 digits -  094 638
 last 2 digits - 08

Good Luck :)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

British Traveler Jordan Jacobs Goes Missing in Thailand - 2015 - 17/12/2015

British Traveler Goes Missing In Thailand

It has been reported that 21 year old Jordan Jacobs from Lyneham, Wiltshire, England - has gone missing with a Thai man in his late 20's.

Today the Daily Mail stated that Jordan had gone missing with a Thai man on a Phi Phi Island - after been spotted hitching a ride from a local man. The following day he sent a message to his mum in the UK saying that:

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Top 5 Things to do before Travel In Thailand

Top 5 Things To Do Before Going To Live or Travel in Thailand

Going to Thailand is something that needs careful preparation; it could be that you are going to live in Thailand, travel in Thailand or even teaching in the land of smiles. There are things you must do, and from my own experience's I've put together a few of them.

1. Prepare Your Accommodation 

Decide if you will stay in a hotel or apartment. Whatever you do prepare this before you arrive, look on and other websites.

The one thing I always regretted was not preparing my hotel. I arrived at Bangkok airport, no hotel, and with no idea of where to go. I was trying to live on the fly. I arrived about 1am in the morning and didn't know what to do. So I jumped in a taxi and went to Kho San road, the tourist hub. There I knew that I could get a hotel, the taxi driver offered to arrange it and I reluctantly agreed. The next day I found out I paid double for the cost of the hotel. Did I learn from this experience? Yes, I always book for my arrival dates, and then decide afterwards what hotel to go to.

Of course, if you are not a single traveler you will have all of the stuff pre-planned before going to Thailand.

2. Flights To Thailand 

 £450 one way but check out all websites. My reason for booking a one way ticket is that I don't want to come back! But it also saves me money to start with. After travelling place's like Bali, Vietnam, China, Hong-Kong, Singapore etc, I know that booking a flight way in advance is the best option. You can save so much money this way.

Luckily I have never been caught ought with high price's by booking last minute; this is partly down to me being a single traveler. The last flight I caught was a single from London to Hong Kong, with only one change. This cost about £400 and I thought it was quite cheap.

Try not to book flights through Edreams or other websites in this category. Once I booked a ticket with them, believing the ticket was a cheaper rate, so I booked it. An email came through saying the price was higher than I actually paid - I went crazy and got my money back, you can read about this here 'How To Get Your Money Back Off Edreams'.

Thai-Visa, Thai News3. Visa Costs Thailand

Thailand £20 - £25 depending on which visa you require. The one I've chosen is the 30 day tourist exemption, as I don't start my job for a while I can't apply for a work permit. Choosing the tourist exemption visa is a good option as you can get this as you arrive into Thailand. The other option, well you have to send you're passport off! These visa prices were correct in 2012. They have probably gone up a little.

4. Vaccinations For Thailand

Make sure you have your vaccinations before you go. If you catch Malaria Malaria, make sure your ready for it, tablets or otherwise. You wouldn't want to end up like in hospital.

In the countryside where I was working my work colleague, another English Teacher from Africa, was taken ill. She was put in hospital on a drip for many days. Now, i'm still unsure if they diagnosed her correctly - but the conditions weren't so great.

You can get some vaccinations for free off the NHS, but for medical conditions such as Yellow Fever, the charge can be around £50.

Also stay protected and buy some Deet  You can use this to protect you from mosquito bites.

Dengue Fever is another high risk tropical disease, mainly caught from mosquitoes - you can read about how to protect yourself from dengue here.

Surgeries usually require you to register and book an appointment a nurse to decide what vaccinations you need. I was quite lucky, i've managed to get mine sorted within 2 days due to nobody every leaving my town (Bedworth) so the health center has a lot in stock.

5. Research Before Going To Thailand

5. Research more information about Thailand, if you are going to take an English course, if you are going to go diving, if you are simply going to build castles - hunt for more information. Always make sure you have travel insurance prepared, and stay safe on the motorbikes.

You will love Thailand, just stay safe and have fun. If there's anything you can add to this list please do comment below. Enjoy. Check out our travel blog directory.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Thai Lottery Results 1st December 2015 Next Results 16th December

Thailand Lottery Results: 1 December 2015

Winning Lottery Numbers: 915350
Three Lucky Numbers Winner: 238 181 714 175

Two Lucky Numbers Winner: 78

Next Draw 16th December - Play now...

Lottery Results

Dengue Fever Thailand - Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered - Dengue Fever - Carol, 33, England

Hi, we are all booked for our trip to Bangkok, and Koh Samui in August. This year there has been a lot of dengue fever outbreaks and there is much talk about dengue fever being the real concern and i have to say i am feeling really panicked about our trip now. Can a voice of reason try and set my mind at rest?

Answer: Yes. We hope we can set your mind at rest. Make sure you always keep yourself protected. Buy some deet spray. When you buy the deet, you are looking for ones with high percentage. As you know dengue fever is spread via mosquitoes (often during the night). Just take the necessary precautions and enjoy your holiday. Make sure you check out the spicy food :)

Saturday, 12 December 2015

28 Year Old British Woman Killed in Phuket

28 Year Old British Girl Dies in Phuket

Today Phuket News reported the incident. At 1130am a woman was reportedly knocked off her motorbike and sustained a broken neck.

Police rush to the accident after being alerted by Kusoidham Patong rescue workers that a woman from abroad had sustained a broken neck after a crash.

The accident involved a pick up truck which allegedly had rammed the motorbike. When they officers arrived at the scene they found a black Toyota Vigos pickup truck - which was from Phuket.

On the ground next to the pickup was a smashed red and white Honda Wave motorbike with Nakhon Pathom plates. - said Phuket News.
A witness told police that there were two women on the motorbike, who'd just left a nearby Family Mart on the opposite side of the road, and had attempted to make a U-turn, to head back in the direction of Patong when they were finally rammed by the pickup truck from behind. 

The Phuket News is withholding the name of the victim until it can be confirmed that her family have been notified. 
- See more at:

Motorbike Deaths in Thailand - Second Highest In The World

We must stress again unless you have a motorbike license and are experienced then don't hire a bike in Thailand as the graph below shows statistics for road fatalities. We have included this in the article to stress the fact that roads are unsafe in Thailand. Be careful.


Honey House Hotel Accommodation in Bangkok Thailand

Honey House 2 Accommodation  in Bangkok - Review

The Honey House 2, Bangkok, Thailand. This accomodation has been rated 'Very Good' by customers on Trip Advisor.  Each customer can review a hotel and give it an overall score out of 5. So a good review so far.


This one was scored as follows; 

1. Excellent - 11 people gave it 5.
2. Very Good - 28 people gave it 4.
3. Average - 12 people gave it 3.
4. Poor - 4 people gave it 2.
5. Terrible - 3 people gave it 1.

Why Excellent?

From the reviews we can see that this hotel is in a good location. It's far enough to be away from the noise of Sukhumvit, but still feel like you are there. And a very cheap place with some prices coming in at 1000baht a night.

Address: 106/3-4 Sukhumwit Soi 22, Sukhumwit Road | KlongtoeyBangkok 10110, ThailandLocation:Thailand >BangkokPrice Range: $25 - $27 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)Hotel Class:2 star — Honey House 2 2*

Attractions Nearby

As you can imagine in Bangkok there's a lot of things for you to see and do - things to do located near this hotel include; Benjakitti Park, Benjasiri Park and the Emporium Shopping Centre. Bare in mind there's a BTS nearby hence Bangkok is your Oyster.

Why Very Good?

Reviewers have stated that this hotel has friendly hotel staff, and we all need that after a long journey. Free wifi, breakfast and shampoo, and ac :) Nice simple rooms, value for money and very clean. So if you are travelling on a budget, this could be the place for you. 7/11 is right outside, taxi-ride's to where the action is cost only 50baht. There's also a BTS stop nearby so you can get to the palace and temples.

Why Terrible?

One customer noted that one of the bedroom windows was facing the corridor, and could hear everybody walking up and down the corridor.


Not many complaints, seems decent enough, give it a shot. I've stayed in some rough place's in Thailand - if I could go back in time I would of definitely upgraded to something more decent.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Thailand Saved - Thailand Airlines Allowed to Fly In Europe

Thailand Saved - Great News For Travelers To Europe and Thai Economy

Thailand air-lines have not been banned from flying in the European skies. The European Aviation Safety Agency agreed last Thursday that Thai Airlines can continue working. There was speculation that they could be banned - speculation ey!

They thought that they might be banned as America has banned them already and they thought Europe may follow suit. The banning from America - this comes down to the strict regulations that the US FAA have in place - and they downgraded them hence the banning in the U.S

Thai Airways

What will happen with the EASA?

The EASA will continue to keep an eye on Thailand's aircrafts and flight companies. And if anything serious happens which amounts to misconduct, then they will be banned. They have also stated that they are available to help the Thai Airlines if they need to.
An agreement was signed on Wednesday that will have the EASA assist Thailand in implementing methods to improve air safety in the country.

What effects would a ban have?

At this moment of time over a quarter of Thai Airlines money (revenue) comes from Europe. With many many travelers going to Thailand via these airlines. Therefore, the European market is very important in Thailand. And it is stated that nearly 25 per cent of Europe's tourists fly with Thai Airlines.

Flying To Thailand From London: Facts


1. There are several airlines that run from London, Heathrow to Bangkok, Thailand these both of the national airlines include: Thai Airways and Mjets.
2. You can get a visa-on-arrival < This constantly changing so check before you leave.
3. The non-stop flight time from London to Bangkok is 11.5 hours. British Airways also run direct flights to BKK. It's a long trip, so be sure to find something interesting to do.
4. Cheapest time to travel will be low - season. Which runs from March to October, and you can fly for about £400 one-way. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Top 5 Ways To Save Money Traveling Around The World

5 Tip To Save Money When Travelling Around The World

We all want to save money. Whether it be to buy something new, or to have a tiny nest - egg. Saving money is easy if you stick at it. The money you save will go far when travelling Asia. Let's have a look and see how you save money to travel.

1. Short haul flight - when buying your flight, don't buy the extras such as food and drink, these can be pricey. Make sure you are full before you fly. And don't pay extra for a selected seat of your choice. I found out by not selecting a seat, the passenger will almost always get the fire escape seat. Lots of leg room. When possible book your seat directly with the airline, its a much safer way to book your travel.

2. Use the hotel mini-bar but restock it afterwards. Correct timing and they'll never know. Only do this if you are a really tight person. But usually the hotel mini - bar is quite pricey. So you what you think is best.

3. You can book a bed in a dormitory they are low cost and in some cities the dormitory has a twin room - during off-peak, you will probably get a twin room for yourself, but only pay dormitory prices. So it's a win-win. During high season dormitories can be full of young travelers getting drunk every evening, just be careful. And the other bonus is that you can meet other like-minded people from other countries.

4. Hey smokers you buy your cigarettes at the airport - tax free! I have to mention this as its something that I enjoy. If your travelling inside Europe and heading to the U.K, you will have to pay tax. But if you are coming back from the far-east, no problem. They usually check your passport, and there is a limit to how many you can buy.

5. Don't over stay your visa - overstaying has hefty fines in store for you. Some countries don't mind, you can just enter and exit. But be careful as rules always change, for example now in Thailand - the Thai Visa rules state that you can overstay, but you will be blacklisted.

How do you save money when you travel?

Wow so I found out another way I can save money on my travels.

I have 2 contracts a month: vodafone = £25

three = £20

If only I could figure out a way not to pay these contracts, well I did with a little help from a friend.
Contact your provider's and see if they can put your account on hold whilst your away. I telephoned Vodafone, and all they said I had to do was go into one of their branches, and provide evidence i'll be going away and they can do this. By putting my accounts on hold, i'm able to save £45 a month for Thailand. Thanks phone companies. Life savers!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Dengue Fever Guidelines Thailand 2016

General Guidelines Dengue Fever in 2016: Protection and Prevention

Dengue fever is as prevalent as ever in Thailand. 2015 saw record numbers of patients contracting the disease. We urge you to follow the guidelines below and protect yourself whilst holidaying in Thailand.

1. Wear loose, light–coloured clothes, use DEET-containing insect repellent on exposed parts of the body and clothing. Neck, face, arms (front and back, all over legs, and don't forget your feet.

2. Take additional preventive measures when doing outdoor activities: Try not to use cosmetics or skin care products as this will attract the mosquitoes therefore catching Dengue.

Re-apply insect repellents according to instructions. Remember try to get DEET. Some Asian countries offer natural repellents. Most holiday makers will use deet to protect them from dengue fever which is transmitted by the mozzies.

You should buy deet spray and protect yourself.

Dengue Fever Deet

3. Special notes when travelling abroad:
Before the trip arrange a travel health consultation with your doctor at least 6 weeks before the journey for any extra mosquito bite preventive measures.

During the trip, if travelling in rural areas, carry a portable bed net and apply insecticide on it. Permethrin should NOT be applied to skin. Seek medical attention as early as possible if feeling unwell.
Travelers who return from affected areas and feel unwell e.g. run a fever, should seek medical help, or die.

Monday, 7 December 2015

10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Before Traveling

 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Before Travelling

9. Piranha - This movie is a modern movie designed to scare the shit out of you - if you are ever thinking of diving - then stick on Finding Nemo for that extra special feeling.

Fear: Aqua-phobia
Fear Factor: 5/10


Lake Victoria's annual Spring party by 50,000 young revelers is about to turn into a feeding frenzy with prehistoric hunger-pains. With knee-trembler's above the waves and tremors below, released from their dormant sleep, thousands upon thousands of flesh-eating nippers are released into the lake with whetted appetites and razor-sharp teeth. With a motley crew of strangers thrown together to defend these shores, it is now up to them to prevent the largest eat-out in human, and piranha, history. - IMBD

8. Wolf Creek - Young, happy, free, and about to start your first backpacking holiday to Australia - then good for you, but be careful of the scary men in the outback. Wolf Creek is the movie you shouldn't watch if you're a back-packer.

Fear: Strangers
Fear Factor: 10/10


Three backpackers travel into the Australian Outback, only to find themselves stranded at Wolf Creek crater. Once there they are encountered by a bushman, Mick Taylor, who offers them a ride back to his place. Little do the three know that their adventure into the Outback, would be a complete nightmare after the backpackers find a way to escape. - IMBD

Sunday, 6 December 2015

4 Syrians Overstay Their Visa's - Police on the hunt

4 People From Syria Overstay Their Visa's

Ever since the appalling terror attacks in Paris, many countries have been wary of un-welcome guests in their countries - Especially one's who over stay their visa's in Thailand.

With the suggestion on Isis getting ready to attack in Thailand - the Thai authorities are on high alert. The links to Isis may or may not be linked through these 4 overstays.

ISIS are believed to be preparing attacks on Thailand due to the high amount of Russians that reside there. Especially in tourist areas such as Phuket and Pattaya.

Sunday 6th December in the morning; officers from the  local authoties released the images of  four men who are reported to have entered the kingdom between January and August this year.

The men, who are aged between 29 and 57, entered Thailand by a combination land and air, yet the whereabouts of all four men remain unknown.

The men's names are as follows: 



Any known whereabouts of these men should be reported immediately.

Authorities stressed that there is no evidence to suggest that any of the four wanted Syrian men have links to ISIS or any other terrorist organisation