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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Overstaying Thai Visa Rules 20th March 2016

Overstaying Visa in Thailand 2016

No matter what you do, don't overstay. From March 20th 2016, new rules are in place to stop foreigners overstaying. If you want to continue your adventure in Thailand then don't overstay.

It has become a big problem in Thailand - Thailand is naturally a beautiful place to visit. But many foreigners overstay on purpose. And usually pay the subsequent fine that occurs with an overstay on Thai Visa. Thailand have now decided to stop this problem, which makes a better Thailand for everybody.


During the time of writing over-stayers have to pay a fine when they exit the country. This will all be handled by the 'overstay immigration' officials. Usually the fine is 500 baht per day. And you can be imprisoned for overstaying. Regardless of this, when you exit you can comeback on another visa. But this will all change on March 20th 2016. 

What Will Happen To Overstayers on March 20th in Thailand?

Foreigners who have overstayed will be subjected to the usual procedure of having to pay the 500 baht per day, when this reaches 20,000 baht, it will stop.

But they will also face a ban on re-entering the country for a fixed amount of time.

These are the 2 ways the ban could affect you:

1. If you go to immigration things will be a lot easier. Your ban will be for a shorter amount of time.

Overstayed for 90 days                                  -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 1 year.
Overstayed for 12 months (1 year or more)  -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 3 years.
Overstayed for 36 months (3 years or more) -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 5 years.
Overstayed for 60 months (5 years or more) -   Not allowed to enter Thailand for 10 years.

2. If the police find you, they will arrest you, and you will be subject to a longer ban on entering Thai Kingdom.

Overstayed less than 12 months  - Not allowed to enter Thailand for 5 years.
Overstayed more than 12 months - Not allowed to enter Thailand for 10 years.

Why Do People Overstay Their Visa?

The fines that come with an overstay are usually very little, some foreigners just don't care, and will pay the fine when they exit the country. It's 500 baht per day, up to 20000 Thai baht.

Many younger people like teachers or travelers might be just very forgetful about their overstay date, and they don't realize that at immigration they will be caught out. If you are travelling, subject to your visa, you can get a visa extension. Just be very mindful.

Some people are just hiding, maybe they are on the run, and easy option is to hide out in the sticks and overstay. Hopefully these guys will be flushed out sooner or later.

Many old people use there pensions and go to Thailand to see out their retirement. Usually meeting a younger Thai girlfriend (which becomes their carer). The problem is that many will go to the sticks, and many are very old so don't realize that they have overstayed. Or they do know and they just don't care.

Conclusion About Overstay in Thailand 2016

The rules for the overstay that take effect on the 20th March 2016 are great. They can flush out all the illegals, and hopefully make Thailand a better place overall.

Usually family tourists won't be affected by this rule, as they are with family, and need to get home. Younger travelers need to be more mindful and check their visa's for the exit date.

With the immigration crisis in Europe, foreigners should be more considerate when thinking about overstaying. Everyone knows that you shouldn't do it, so don't.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thai Visa Announcement

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thai Visa Announcement 

Great news for foreigners planning to visit Thailand. Thailand Foreign Affairs will now issue a multiple entry visa beginning on the 13th November.

Thailand's Foreign Affairs made an announcement on their facebook page.

Thailand will soon grant multiple-entry visas to visitors to facilitate the forthcoming ASEAN Community and to boost Thailand’s tourism industry.

The multiple-entry tourist visa (METV), costing 5,000 baht, will grant travelers multiple entries during a 6-month period, for up to 60 days per entry.

All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for METV.

Thailand’s METV will be available from 13th November 2015.

A Foreign Expat welcomed the news:

I think thats a significant improvement in the right direction now the sixty day reporting should be eliminated for their convenience, I dont think its a good Idea to have visitors leave the country your trying to get them to spend their money in. In an Ideal Immigration policy a year visa with no reporting should be available to visitors so they can but properties with very little risk and interference  From Immigration police.