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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Chinese Tourists Arrested For Credit Card Scam

4 Residents of China Arrested For Credit Card Scam in Thailand

The four Chinese nationals that were arrested and taken into custody are:

Men: Zu Jian, 42; Cui Yuan Chang, 31; Tan Guo Ping, 40; and Lui Shujin, 41. Woman: Zhu Gao Ping, 53.

Chinese Tourists Arrested

Friday, 30 October 2015

Oil Slick hits Thailand Reaching Over 10km of Sandy Beaches

On the 27th October 2015 An oil slick about ten kilometers long hit the beach of Hua Hin producing horrid smells and driving away local and foreign tourists from the beach.

The presence of the oil slick prompted Hua Hin mayor Nopporn Wutthikul to seek help from the Navy to find out if the problem was caused by oil spills from commercial freighters or large fishing boats or any of those vessels sank in the sea off Hua Hin causing the oil spills.

Specimens of the oil slick were sent to the environment office for testing to confirm what had happened and how.

Huan Hin Beach

Hua Hin officer Sutthipong Klai-udom said it was initially suspected that the oil was deliberately dumped into the sea by a vessel dealing in contraband goods.
Tourists were advised not to venture into the sea for 1-2 days until the situation has returned to normal.
Government workers and local residents began cleaning up Hua Hin beach on Wednesday after the Prachuap Khiri Khan coastline was fouled with oil, tar balls and petroleum-coated garbage. The clean up began at 9am.
Tourists and locals should not go swimming in the sea unil notices have been put up by government officials.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Asia Backpackers Hostel in Pattaya, Thailand

Asia Backpackers Hostel - Pattaya - Cheap Hotels

Choosing to stay in a Backpackers hostel in Asia can be a wise choice. They are affordable, and most are located for convenience. Added to that, many have a lot of like minded people, that can tell you about the best sights in the area. They will also advise you on where you can get good-deals and where you might get scammed.

Thailand - Pattaya Hostels 

Many hostels hide among-st Pattaya, but Asia Backpackers has to be one of the most fun, for the young single tourists in Thailand.

Meet up with fellow travelers from all over the world. Having visited this hostel, I can say it is one of the most modern around, whilst also keeping value for money.

Located on Soi Buakow, in the middle of the city opposite Pattaya City Hospital, it is a short taxi ride from the main bus station; the local area has many bars, international restaurants, shopping centers, markets and night clubs and is the busiest area in the city.

Our location you can easily get to all the main attractions in and around the city, with the beach a whole 10 minutes walk away.

Our newly opened Hostel has a choice of dormitories spread over 3 floors, each dorm bed has its own reading light, power socket, and lockers, the dormitories all have AC and floor lighting, the shared bathrooms are fitted with hot and cold showers.

Prices from 280thb per night. Book through their site below for the best value. Forget hostelbookers!
Dormitories - between 4 - 18 guests.

Fancy a trip to Phi Phi Island?
Book here

Chang Mai Flower Festival - Thailand 2016

Flower festival in Chang Mai, Thailand - 2016  

Usually first weekend of February. Very popular with tourists.

Going to a flower festival can be an amazing day out for the family. With many things to do - you won't get bored for one second. Chiang Mai Flower Festival is a Thai festival where the mass of flowers dominates the scene with colors.

Asian Flower Culture

Flower festivals are an important part of Asian Culture. They occur in China - in Shenzhen during spring festival they hold an annual Flower Street Festival - the street is 1km long. If you have a chance you should visit.

These festivals are often related to religion but it also gives families some time to spend together in a alluring environment.

Rose Of The North

Chiang Mai is also known as the Rose of the North and is the second-largest city in Thailand. It's the host to the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. During the festival time, the flower nation comes together in full as the sculptures of temples, animals and scenes from the Ramayana are made from flowers and paraded through the streets of this beautiful northern city of Thailand.

The parades attracts crowds of thousands, with local handicrafts sales and beauty pageants.
Thailand's national flower is the golden shower tree. It's yellow flower signals Thai royalty.


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Amazing Thailand Sets Up A Tourist Court

Tourist Courts In Thailand

The Thailand Tourism Court - Amazing Thailand and its Tourism Ministry is working on a plan to set up a tourist court to offer better protection to foreign visitors to the country. Many times they are needed as a lot of petty crimes happen - beware some Thai Girls are out to scam you.


Tourism Minister Somsak Phurisrisak said on Monday that the idea of the tourist court establishment was conceived to provide fair and better protection to visiting travelers after more and more have been reportedly harmed while traveling in Thailand.

Mr. Somsak said the concept is now under deliberation with Mr. Wirat Chinwinijkul, Secretary-General of the Courts of Justice.

He added that the court establishment will initially begin in the form of a tourist department under the Courts of Justice.

The Tourism Minister went on to say that the discussion with Mr. Wirat also shed light on the idea of a night court, in order to help speed up the legal proceeding.

Mr. Somsak is also scheduled to meet with National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew on May 1, when he will ask the police to be more swiftly and determinedly handle all cases related to tourists in order to allow subsequent court proceedings to go on and without any delay.