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Monday, 23 November 2015

TEFL Course Phuket - Want to join a TEFL Course?

TEFL Course In Phuket, Thailand

Before leaving for Thailand I booked myself onto a TEFL Course (Teach English as a Foreign Language). I didn't know much about TEFL apart from it would be good to have and to get work. Once more, it would be at a Phuket resort, so I had the chance to do a course in a lovely part of Thailand. The course was to be a three week intensive guide to teaching with teaching practice, brilliant, all booked and ready to go.

Once I had done my pre-travelling in Thailand, I headed to Phuket ready for my course. I'd never been here before and it was great to see a new place. I booked my accommodation before I arrived, and it was on the doorstep of the TEFL training center, so it meant I could have a sneaky lie-in before class. I also had internet and air-con, which made for a perfect abode.

Length of TEFL Course

The course ran from Monday to Fridays 8am until 3pm. With lunch in between. I weren't sure how I was going handle sitting down and listening for long periods of time, after all, I was the King of Sleeping in classes at University. But it was overall a great experience. Lasted 3 consecutive weeks.

Tefl Training Phuket

About The TEFL Course

The course: The course was great, full of information you needed to get started, and very intense. We had to do a presentation in front of the group on the second day, so I whacked out a PGL repeat after me song, which i had in my repertoire, I think the group liked it. They taught us the basics of getting in front of the class, and there was never any real pressure to be perfect. The group was small, we had 8 people on it, all destined to teach - all very strange too. The tutor and owner both knew what they were talking about, and made the nervous one's feel relaxed about it all.

All the people on the course were great accept one! Total B****! But the less said about that the better! Made some interesting friends all out here for different reasons. Some were finding new lives, some were taking gap years! And one didn't want to do it and mooooaanned about everything! I'm glad I met them all, I think!

The Best Part Of The TEFL Course

The Children: Best thing about the course going into school to practice! Thai kids are awesome, the boys punch and kick you the girls hug you! And the teacher, me, chase them around like i'm a monster, and hit the slides for a bit of fun! They loved it teacher on slide! Played games with them in classroom, taught them letters and numbers, and had a whole lot of fun! I'll write more about my school I went to work with at another time.

Teaching Course Recommendation

Was it worth it? The TEFL Course was 1 million per cent worth it, training in the classroom and school. Meeting so many people, teaching English to bar girls! Without a TEFL certificate it is a little harder to get a job in a Asian school, they want to see you have experience, and a TEFL gives you this! Would I do it again? Yes, I would. Interested?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thailand News - 21st November 2015

Police in ChiangMai, Thailand  are looking for 2 Thailand girls who may have drugged and robbed two foreign tourists (one American and one Canadian) in the early hours of Friday.

The men had met the girls, probably at a gogo bar, and agreed to go to a hotel, where they were apparently drugged and left unconcious whilst the girls robbed them.

Apparently, before they left the bar, they were give some fruit which contained the drugs. Maybe they should have left the forbidden fruit alone.

Manager Online reported that the men told officers that the women gave them some fruit to eat shortly after arriving back at their hotel room. A short time later the men were unconscious and didn’t wake up until the following morning when they discovered they had been robbed.

The Canadian man had two phones robbed (who needs two phones) and his credit card, whilst the American had 'valuables' of up to 10000 missing from his room.

These men were 100 per after sex, so I say it serves them right, this time they were exploited!

Meanwhile... In Phuket The Water Reserves Are Running Dry --

The following report comes from Phuket News
The news comes Just four weeks ago Phuket Governor Chamroen Tipayapongtada publicly announced there was enough water on the island for everyone until the next rainy season arrives in May next year. 
Phuket Vice Governor Dr Prachiad Aksornthamakul, who sits on the provincial water supply committee, this week called on everyone across the island to keep reserves of at least 200 litres of water in their homes in “case of emergency”.
In Wichit, that “emergency” occurs all too often, with entire residential areas having their water mains supply redirected to serve other nearby areas on rotation, confirmed Chatchai Meechai, chief of the PWA’s water management division.
“There is not enough water pressure to ensure water supply consistently reaches homes all along Cape Panwa,” he said.“We do the best we can, and we only reduce water pressure – not shut it off – every two days, so that one area, such as Khao Khad, has consistent pressure for two days, then the next area, say the end of Cape Panwa, has consistent pressure the next two days.”
Comments from residents however, many of which are regularly posted on the PWA’s Facebook page, indicate that the “reduced” water pressure means there is not enough pressure for water to pour from taps, effectively leaving the home with no running water at all.


The effect is not only at the far reaches of Cape Panwa. Residents along Sakdidet Rd and even on Pattana Thongtin Rd, but also within a few hundred meters of the Wichit Municipality main office, are often without water.
Sakkamol Khawillaikul, chairman of the Wichit Municipal Council, knowns the problem well. “This issue is not new. We have been struggling with this for some time,” he said candidly.

“There is not enough water for people in Wichit, simply because the water mains pipes are too small and the increasing number of accommodations and residents in the area.

“We always follow up this issue and try to provide enough water for everybody and the PWA always respond the best they can – as the water supply pipes are their responsibility – but we still don’t have enough water.”

Wichit Municipality is looking for land to create a natural reservoir to help provide an alternative water source closer to the community it serves, he added.

“I believe that this project will be finished next year,” Mr Sakkamol said.


Meanwhile, Mr Chatchai of the PWA says the problem is that Sakdidet Rd and areas further along the cape receive their water from mains that first supply Phuket Town. 

“Some residents in Wichit complain that they suffer water shortages more than any other areas, and this because Wichit receives water after Phuket City,” he said. 
“We do our best for people on Sakdidet Road, but the fast-growing high-density of the population living in the area has outpaced the ability of mains to serve them. 
“That is why the PWA has a project to upgrade water mains all across Phuket. This project should be complete by February 2016,” he added.
Mr Chatchai, however, did not elaborate specifically when the water supply mains would be rectified for the people of Wichit. 
He did, however, urge people with water supply problems to call the PWA hotline at 082-7901634.
“The PWA Call Centre is the best option. Please call us there if you need help,” he said.


Vice Governor Dr Prachiad’s diagnosis and prognosis concurred with tat of Mr Chatchai.
“Wichit is at the end of mains supply line, so the PWA is working on expanding water supply network now,” he said. 
“After, water mains pipes are in place, we will have improved water supply from the Bang Wad and Bang Niew Dum reservoirs, which will be enough supply for everybody.”
In the meantime, Dr Prachiad urged people to keep water reserves in their homes.
“In case of emergency, please inform the PWA directly,” he said.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Thailand Prepares To Lose English Language Teachers

Thailand Prepares To Lose English Language Teachers And Ajarns

Thai Foreign Education System Update - 2015

What's Going On With The Teachers?

Planning to cull English Foreign Language Teachers by replacing them with the Thai English Language Teachers. In a perfect world, this would be a great idea, to get rid of all the rabble that calls themselves a 'teacher'.

This isn't a perfect world, the students need a native teacher, so they can understand the tonnes and intonations of the English language – and for fun! Asian teachers are often criticized for their tough approach on students, take China for example, work work work, no play! Thailand follows China's lead, they only care about the grades. The number 1 job of an TEFL teacher, is to provide a class based on language skills rather than grammar. But, apparently the ministry of Education (Thailand) doesn't believe in this.

Great Students need Great Teachers

Thailand's plan is to Recruit the British Council trainers/teachers to teach up to 500 thai teachers that are proficient in English. This scheme is aptly named 'train-the-teachers'. These 'trained teachers' then will go back to the local government schools and 'train-the-teachers' on how to teach English language. This in itself would be poorly ran as they are planning to train these teachers in a small amount of time.

Deputy Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin has stated the following:

"A group of teachers [will] join the programme [and] will be selected from all over the country. They have to be very good in English because after the six-week training programme, they must be role models and trainers for other English teachers in their schools or schools near their area."

Why are the Government doing this you may ask?

...well to Save money. Foreign Teacher earns sometimes triple the amount of a Thai teacher. For example a native English teachers salary (starting) could be 33,000thb and compare that to the 6000thb that young Thai teachers receive, then you can understand their reasoning.

As Thai teachers get older, their salaries rise until they are on the same amount as the foreign teacher. One of the reasons the foreign teachers salary is so high, is because otherwise 'teachers' wouldn't come to Thailand and teach the students.
Realistically – would teachers engage in this? Probably not, Thailand has a culture of 'losing face' and this happens quite easily. If another Thai teacher, tries to teach the Thai-English teacher spoken English, then the Thai-English teacher won't be happy and won't bother learning.

What can they do to improve the standard of teachers that they receive?

Many of the teachers from native countries give the English Teaching Community a bad name, through laziness, and bad behavior. They show lack of respect by not showing up to work, and create havoc in the small towns that they inhabit, or quite cruelly use the local girls, to make themselves feel better.

There are genuine foreign language teachers out there, the one's who go the extra mile. But sadly, as is the case at the moment. The decent teachers will stop working in Thailand, the students will then be left with some degenerate.

How Can They Improve The Quality of Ajarns?

Thailand could employ the same system as China, whereas, all Native English Teachers, need to have a degree and at least 2 years work experience. They also need to be a lot tougher on Visa regulations, for example in Isaan (north east Thailand), there are many teachers working illegally. This year they changed the working visa regulations, and made it more difficult to obtain double entry tourist visa's, hopefully this will not satisfy the young-hippy-traveller brigade that only teach with the means to earn money for beer.

Thailand really do need the native teachers, and we hope that this plan to train-the-teacher will be somewhat effective, even if it only proves that this whole strategy is wrong. Time will only tell, and with the implantation of ASEAN, Thailand might just realize how important native teachers are.  

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Out Of Control Riots in Phuket

Riots in Thaland, Phuket Cause Misery - 2 Deaths

Two young men were riding a moped and were chased by police. This escalated and now they are dead. Police state that they were drug suspects, and as soon as they seen a cop car, they sped off, which in turn, caused the police chase.

One of the young men has been named as Prathomwat Panarak, 22 the other young mans name has been witheld due to his age (17). 

The motorbike lost control and slammed head on into another oncoming patrol car near the entrance of Tonsai Waterfall Rd. The crash impact left both victims with severe head injuries and were both pronounced dead upon arrival at Thalang Hospital. - Phuket News

The angry mob then confronted the police about the situation which then led into riots. You can follow more information at Phuket News.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Phuket to Koh Phi Phi Thailand's Most Splendid Island.

The Island of Koh Phi Phi (not Koh PP or Koh Pi pi or even Pee Pee!)

Phi Phi island is located in the South of Thailand near Phuket. Here you can find cheap hotels for your stay. There's many things to do including water sports. Stay at Koh Phi Phi Don Hotels. Travel from Phuket to Phi Phi with ease.

After spending 3 nights in Krabi, I moved on. Time to visit a real jewel of an island in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is probably one of the smallest 'tourist' islands in the South. There are many islands on the south including Koh Phangyan
and Koh Samui.

Easily Travel from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

From here you can go out on boat trips across to other islands, you can sunbathe, get drunk and drink buckets. Phi Phi is a very small island and can be over-crowded so 
the option of a tour is inviting.


Travel By Ferry To Phi Phi

From Krabi, it takes around 4 hours by ferry, just don't drop your ticket in the sea
like I did! Fortunately for me the ferryman saw the incident and took pity.

The views of the other islands from the boat are stunning. Most of them
shoot straight up into lime-scale cliffs. Beautiful but very similar to its Vietnam
counterpart - Halong Bay.

When arriving in Koh Phi Phi, you have to pay a small fee, at the port, of 20 baht -
this was quoted in 2012, but probably a lot higher now.

Apparently this goes towards cleaning the island - after spending 8 days there,
I've come to the conclusion it goes to some mafia family's back pocket.

The island is very small and very busy, so it can be frustrating getting around. 
There are no taxi's or Tuk - Tuks on the island which is a gift in itself, no 
pollution - bar the litter from the foreign tourists.

Around the island are Tsunami evacuation points in case of an emergency.
Because of how small Phi Phi is, it really brings home what the Thai people
and holidaymakers would of experienced during the boxing day disaster.

On the upside the Thai people are as happy as ever and getting on with life -
although it was quite a while ago now, everything been built back up and I've
so far seen barely any evidence of a natural disaster.

Day Trips Snorkeling Around Phi Phi Islands

I decided to go on a snorkeling trip on Koh Phi Phi, which was a nice cheap day
out. We visited monkey beach, literally where the monkeys hang out, so
inventively named. They snatch and grab as much as they can from tourists, clever
little bastards, I left my things on the boat, so they got nothing from me
Monkey 0 - Liam 1.

After that the boat took us to a viking cave, which was a load of crap, it was
a cave and on the outside, lots of bamboo put together, to make it look a little
historic. Everyone else was taking photos, I was laughing at these gullible tourists.

Then to Maya Bay, which is where they filmed, The Beach starring Leonardo
D Caprio. Wonderful white sandy beach, only thing was that the water was very
shallow, it basically felt like a glorified bath.

The island itself was quiet, and peaceful. We also did some snorkeling which 
was fun, apart from I can't use the mouth piece of a snorkel. So I was pretty much 
goggle-ing my way around the fish. I learnt colorful fish are nice in clear water. 
I did keep an eye out for sharks!

All in all this is a cheap nice little excursion, remember take tonnes of water
it gets hot sitting in a boat. The boat was some kind of long boat, i don't know
what they call them.

Nightlife On Phi Phi

Finally the party scene here is ace, there's a few nice bars and there's an awesome
beach bar which everyone ends up at. To save money I bought buckets
(a bottle of whisky or vodka, mixed with Thai Red Bull and Coke) from street
vendors for 150 baht. They cost 400 baht or so in the bar, I then took into the
party via the beach entrance.

Met some great people here, in my hostel, 24 mixed dorm, some of them were ill,
some of them were working there, and there were rabbits in a cage outside.

Great place Flower Bungalows, check it out if you ever visit. I ended up staying
for 8 days. It was in basically a massive beach hut with a tonne of people, a cold
shower and a lot of beautiful people.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Phuket Vegetarian Festival - October 15 - 23, 2015 at Kathu & Cherng Talay Shrines

Vegetarian Festival Thailand 

This is a colorful event held over a nine-day period in October, celebrating the Chinese community's belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help them obtain good health and peace of mind.

One of the most exciting aspects of the festival are the various, (and sometimes gruesome) ceremonies which are held to invoke the gods. Firewalking, body piercing and other acts of self mortification undertaken by participants acting as mediums of the gods, have become more spectacular and daring as each year goes by. Men and women puncture their cheeks with various items including knives, skewers and other household items. It is believed that the Chinese gods will protect such persons from harm, and little blood or scarring results from such mutilation acts. This is definitely not recommended for the faint hearted to witness.

In 2011 some 74 people were injured with one death reported. Injuries are usually sustained from the indiscriminate use of firecrackers so beware of this pitfall and stay well away from this deafening and sometimes frightening aspect of the Vegetarian Festival.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Three Expats Found Dead In Phuket - Thailand News

Maltese man, 70, found dead in Phuket

PHUKET: -- A 70-year-old Maltese man was found dead in a Phuket guest house last night.

The Phuket Wan Tourism News said this morning that the man, a heavy smoker and an asthmatic, was found by his girlfriend naked on a bed at the Maximum Guesthouse in Nanai Road, Patong.
He was one of three expats found dead overnight. Although not suspicious, their deaths still have to be explained, authorities said.

The other expats are a 24-year-old Frenchman found hanging from a doorway at a house in Moo 7, Saiyuan, Rawai, two hours earlier and a 29-year-old American woman found in a guesthouse in Rawai, southern Phuket, three hours later.

Maybe some of these were suicides, who knows? Being in Thailand for 6 months I could see why there might be some suicides. Some of the people I have met, I mean the ex-pats or teachers, not the travelers. Seem quite sad and lonely and it doesn't surprise me this happens, regularly.
All our thoughts go out the families involved.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How To Make Play Time Fun With Play Dough Making

How To Make Play Time Fun With Play Dough Making

The Very Simple Way To Make Play - Doh

I had been given a challenge by the bosses of my English Summer Camp to make play dough for the kids who will make models using it. This was fun, messy and easy to do. Making play dough is an easy arts activity that can be used at school or at home. Have fun with the kids, make play dough today.

What You Need

2 cups of flour
2 cups warm water ,/p>
1 cup salt
Food Coloring
Good Hands

6 Easy Steps

1. Add the flour to the water in the bowl, and mix together.
2. Add the salt.
3. Stir together, and then start to knead the mixture.
4. Once mixture is soft and dough-y you can add food coloring.
5. Give to children and let their imaginations go wild.
6. To turn the dough into a model, place in oven until it goes hard.


Great, cheap, quick and easy activity to do with children in their free time when they are 'bored' and have nothing to do.


Friday, 26 April 2013

Amazing Tips For Teaching English Abroad English Don't Panic

Tips for Teaching English As A Second Language, ESL, Conversation English Abroad

So you've done your Teacher Training and you realize it stinks! There's nothing better than getting in the class to teach and learn new teaching methods.

Make them sing

I worked with aged 3 - 9 years old during the first 3 months in Thailand and the children love singing. I was a little apprehensive about singing with teenagers, but most of them loved it too. So to add fun into your class, sing some songs. Some of the songs I sang from my back catalog of working at summer camp in England include: "i'm a little teapot" and "a-boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom" - google these songs!

Don't take it to heart

If they call you a buffalo, or fat, don't get pissed off and call them a sewer rat (note: I haven't done this once). They are lovely kids and say what they see to be and say these things to be funny! Take it with a pinch of salt!

Have fun (don't be boring)

Don't be a bore! Remember the boring teachers when you were at school, thought not. Be happy and approachable, after all the children love getting to know a foreign teacher. Keep them on your side. Plus they give you sweets.

Choose Your Battles

Don't take it out on the children if something is "going on" outside school. They are at school to learn. You will find that most of the time when you teach most of this will naturally stay outside of the classroom, but sometimes it doesn't and this can have a negative impact on you as a teacher. Children won't respect you if your a miserable fuck!

Show Them Who's Boss

Make sure you establish all the rules of the classroom with your very first classes. This will help in the long run. If you can't do this you will be under attack for the rest of your contract and you will feel like shit!

Be Creative...

Everybody loves "paper mache" make a universe or something out of balloons and paper! You could always make "play-dough" with water, flour and salt! It works and it's good fun. Think outside the box, make learning fun. And they will love you for it.
Teachers, please leave a comment to this question: What techniques work for you? Are you a creative teacher? How?


Teaching English Conversation, TEFL, ESL, whatever you want to call it is very special. You will be very lucky to experience a new country and culture through teaching English. Enjoy, have fun and respect your students.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Cheap Hotel Krabi Thailand

Cheap Hotels - Krabi, Thailand 

I arrived in Krabi, which is near Railay beach, and booking my hotel early was the right choice as it was a very cheap hotel. 

My hotel was a guest house based in the town center of Krabi. Krabi is a small quaint town and not so busy it's a place where people go to escape the tourism and parties for a couple of days.

It's also has a lot of cheap hotels.  


The staff at the guest house were all Thai and spoke very good English. The guest house rooms are based in 2 places; Good Dream 1 is where the reception is based, they also have a restaurant here which serves western food as well as Thai. They have computers free for guests to use (again so cheap :). I was over at Good Dream 2, which was over the road.

The room itself was great, thick walls, thick mattress and thick guest of course. And the bed was actually raised off the floor. Floor was tiled which meant the room was extra cool and of course I had a fan!!!

They have a movie night every night at 7pm over at the restaurant - I managed to watch Spiderman, Karl Pilkington in Bangkok and Hangover 2, and an awful lot of friends!!

Overall this was good value for money 250baht (£5) per night. The staff do the best they can for you, try to get your excursions cheap and are very helpful. This place is also run by an ex-backper and he understands what the customers need.

Didn't meet anyone here but heading too Phuket soon where I'll stay in a dormitory!!!

Book here -
Family Hotels in Phuket

Sunday, 30 September 2012

14 Days and Counting.....Degree!

It seems like it's taking forever for the trip to happen. Things are starting to fall into place...
Above image, me studying for a degree!
I got my new passport 2 days ago! Woop! I thought something might have gone wrong with it, and I wouldn't get it but low and behold it arrived. There's nothing like a brand new gleaming passport to cheer yourself up! I look at it and think, I couldn't go anywhere without you, this little book will take me anywhere I want to go. And I can't wait. Woop a passport, how exciting. I'm going to try and refrain from using the word "woop" again.
There's a couple of thing's left for me to do, i need to learn the difference between a pro-noun and a noun for a start. Now I have my passport, I can apply for my visa to the Thai embassy. Once I have that I can book my flight's insurance and off I a land far far away.
One thing that really frustrated me was that I lost my degree, and so I've had to apply for a new one. But it's costed an extra £55 for this thing! Be warned never lose your degree, you might just need it one day! The staff at the University of Wolverhampton, well they're annoying, its not their fault, but they are. I told this woman how it was really important that I get the degree really quickly, she didn't seem to grasp what I was saying. She just said there's a que and you'll have to wait ten days!!! I did say to her how important it was that I needed it quick, and kind of asked if it could be fast tracked. Apparently 70 other people who have applied, their's are very urgent too! I highly doubt it! 3 years paying for a degree, and then paying another £55, to get a copy, ridiculous! Still I can't complain as the students are paying £9000 a year to study at Wolverhampton!

Can I Teach In Thailand Without A Degree?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Injections for Thailand

Injections Needed To Travel Asia and Thailand

Today I visited the doctors for my injections to go to Thailand. When I arrived at the check in desk there was this short, annoying women with a bear face and looked high on some kind of drugs! This in itself reassured me that I have the done right thing by quitting my job and going to Thailand.

I sat patiently waiting, my appointment was at 4pm, the clock starting turning, 4.10pm...4.15pm...4.25pm. It felt like an age waiting, so when it got to 4.25pm I went over to the reception desk to find out if they had checked me in properly. The miserable receptionist then told me "Oh no, your apointment's at 4.30pm". Why didn't she tell me this at the start! Partly my own fault! But she could of told me! I eventually saw the nurse at 4.45pm, after my name flashed up in lights in the reception area.

Injections Needed

The nurse then went through all the different jabs with me and I ended up getting the following:

- Tetanus, for travelers where there's not much medical help available. Not sure why I needed it though.
- Typhoid, to protect you from contaminated food and water.
- Diphtheria, still unsure on why, but had it all the same.
- Hepatitus A...

Other jabs I may need include:

- Rabies, high chance of catching if bitten by dog! I must not get a paper round!
- Japanese Encephalitus, the nurse explained this by saying it's similar to a flue like condition over a period of time. So similar to having a flu jab.

One thing she wasn't sure of was malaria.  Today has been interesting and going to Thailand has become more real than ever.

It ia necessary to get injected for travel, all over the world, so just make sure you speak to your doctor. I'm still alive in 2015.