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Sunday, 6 December 2015

4 Syrians Overstay Their Visa's - Police on the hunt

4 People From Syria Overstay Their Visa's

Ever since the appalling terror attacks in Paris, many countries have been wary of un-welcome guests in their countries - Especially one's who over stay their visa's in Thailand.

With the suggestion on Isis getting ready to attack in Thailand - the Thai authorities are on high alert. The links to Isis may or may not be linked through these 4 overstays.

ISIS are believed to be preparing attacks on Thailand due to the high amount of Russians that reside there. Especially in tourist areas such as Phuket and Pattaya.

Sunday 6th December in the morning; officers from the  local authoties released the images of  four men who are reported to have entered the kingdom between January and August this year.

The men, who are aged between 29 and 57, entered Thailand by a combination land and air, yet the whereabouts of all four men remain unknown.

The men's names are as follows: 



Any known whereabouts of these men should be reported immediately.

Authorities stressed that there is no evidence to suggest that any of the four wanted Syrian men have links to ISIS or any other terrorist organisation

Friday, 3 July 2015

Pattaya Bar Girl Hunted By The Police

Disgraceful Tourist Coerced The Young Thai Girl Into Oral Sex

Pattaya Police are on the hunt for a woman who damaged that coastal community’s pristine image with one photograph. This is an awful piece of news and we've decided not to show the picture.

Long held by the public as an esteemed home of the virtuous and upright, Pattaya’s image was possibly forever soiled yesterday by a photograph of a woman on her knees giving a blowjob to an
Asian tourist in the middle of a public bar on Pattaya's Walking Street. Pattaya is also seen as a sex tourist destination, not a place to go on a family holiday.

Responding to the photos, police Cmd. Sukkatat Poompanmuang said yesterday he has ordered his officers to track down the lady in question to charge her with public obscenity.

The photos spread online yesterday provoking an uproar among a public part-titillated and part-horrified.

"Oh woman! She feels like sucking it, so she just does, showing off her pro skill in the middle of the pub!” wrote user Nangfa Yakuza, who first posted the photo online. “The guy seems satisfied and doesn't shy away at all!"

The photos were soon taken offline.

"This is too nasty,” another user commented. “This is why foreigners look down on Thai women.”
Similar things happen in Magaluf, Spain. With British girls doing what they shouldn't. What does this mean? Don't believe all Thai girls are like her. They are not!