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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Vietnam NEWS: Visa For Americans

VIETNAM issue new VISA Rules For Americans

Vietnamese Parliament has issued a new Visa change for Americans, which could mean victory for tourists and Vietnam alike. The proposal for the new visa is that Americans can receive a 1 year visa with multiple entries. Multiple entries means that they have to exit and enter the country a certain amount of times for the VISA to be valid. < If I am incorrect about this please let me know.

The old visa rules Americans were only allowed to travel on a 3 month visa, and with many tourists and travelers wanting to stay in Vietnam for a longer time, this was a real pain.

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'A parliament resolution to ratify the Diplomatic Note on Visa Granting between Vietnam and the United States, which is expected to boost tourist and business ties between the two countries, won 92.9 percent of votes at a NA session on April 8.' -

The US currently offers Vietnamese people a one year visa with multiple entry. This new change makes it fair. But why don't they do this with other western countries? Surely this would boost tourism, and therefore increase turnover in the tourist industry. Personally, it would be great if they would grant the same kind of VISA to the English. My jealousy is rife!

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Monday, 1 February 2016

MBC Music Wave EXO Concert in Bangkok 2016 News

EXO News 2016 Upcoming Tour in Bangkok Thailand

EXO will be taking part in the MBC Korean Music Wave concert in Bangkok on April 11th 2016. EXO are hugely successful and so far in 2016 they have a huge tour which will include Seoul - Korea, Osaka - Japan, Kuala-Lumpur - Malaysia. And so many more concerts including the 5th Goanchart K-Pop Awards on the 17th February 2016. The most important concert for the Thai fans will be on April 9th in Bangkok. K-POP is so massive at the moment all over Asia, and EXO are planning to take this music over to the United States.


On 9th April a truly spectacular concert will be coming to the Rajamangala National Stadium, tickets for the EXO concert are not available at the moment. But please check closer to the date - ticket inquiries can be made here.

Back in 2015 fresh off there tour 'The EXO'luXion - Exo performed to a sell out crowd in Bangkok at the IMPACT ARENA in Muang Thong Thani district. Fans went crazy for this show, there were a lot of ticket touts selling copied tickets that were worth nothing. EXO will always be a favorite KPOP boy-band in Asia.

In 2015 the concert was played to over 20,000 screaming fans, and EXO are hoping that they can better there success this time around. At this concert in 2015 they performed a number of there hits which includes - MaMa, Call Me Baby, Love Me Right, and Exodus. They performed over 28 songs, and this year hope to return and perform these songs and so much more.

The begging of 2016 will see EXO perform in America. There tour dates will include Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago and New York. They are the most successful K-Pop in America which comes from the success of there debut Album - Exodus LP. They have number 1's all over Asia including Japan, Korea, and China. And really do hope to break America. Good luck EXO :)

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