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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Elephant Trekking Disaster In Koh Samui

Scottish Tourist Dies When He Rides An Elephant


A Scottish man on holiday in Thailand died due to unforeseen circumstances whilst he took a ride on an elephant. The trekking took place in Koh Samui one of Thailand's most popular tourist islands.

The man had been riding the elephant with his 16 year old daughter as part of an elephant safari through the jungle.

According to news sources the elephant suddenly got very angry and started shaking. There were three people riding this one elephant at the time of the incident. The elephant got really angry and threw the tourists and trainer off its back.

Unfortunately the father was trampled on whilst on the ground. The elephant proceeded to attack the man with it's huge elephant tusks.

Daughter Survives Elephant Rides

His daughter had minor injuries after being thrown off the back of the animal and is currently recovering in hospital.

The father and daughter were on an Elephant Safari in Samui organised by 'Island Safari Tour'. The governor of Samui told national news that:

Police are now investigating the [elephant] trekking operator, Island Safari Tour, which is legally registered to offer elephant trek rides. Police have yet to charge anyone.'
The British Embassy is offering support to the family of the man that died, sadly, whilst riding the elephant.

Koh Samui has a lot of elephant camps for a small island - they have 6 in total with around 63 elephants.

Elephants During Mush

There are certain periods of times when elephants really shouldn't be used for rides or trekking. This period is called 'mush' and its a time when the elephant has a lot of testosterone and have significantly violent behavior. Prevention methods for mush is to usually keep the elephant in a peaceful environment so that it can relax.

But this one faced a lot of pressure after it was still being used for trekking, so now the question is; could this fateful event of been prevented?

Elephant Trekking In Thailand and Asia

Elephants are popular tourist attractions especially in South East Asia. Tourists flock to go and ride the elephants. Countries like Thailand and Bali have a lot of safari's on offer for the visitors.

Expertvagabond Blog suggests that because wild Elephants cannot be rode on when they are wild, that when the elephants are babies they are trained to have people riding on their backs. But brutally trained, they are taken away from their mothers and put into a hole.

The baby elephants are then beaten into submission with clubs, pierced with sharp bull-hooks, and simultaneously starved and deprived of sleep for many days. writes
Before you decide to ride an Elephant anywhere, then just remember what could happen to you. And remember what these poor animals are being put through for your enjoyment. There are about 2000 elephants in Thailand, and all over the world, everyday, the numbers are getting lower and lower. The more the need, the more the torture. 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death in Samui

TWO Burmese Myanmar Workers Sentenced to Death

Koh Samui Court Finds The Defendants Guilty

Samui, Thailand. This week two Burmese migrants were trialed and found guilty of the deaths of two British Citizens; Hannah Witheridge, 23 years old from Norfolk and David Miller from Jersey.

The 2 accused murderers Zaw Lin and Wei Phyo were trialed in a Thai Court in Koh Samui - they were accused of the killings which happened on the island of Koh Tao in September 2014. The defendants had previously made a confession that they had been tortured, by the hands of the police, into a confession but now they retract that statement.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Koh Samui Island Thailand Cheap Accommodation Rental

Koh Samui Island, Thailand Cheap Accommodation and Travel Advice - Vacation Rental

Koh Samui is an island situated in gulf of Thailand. It's one of the 'done it' places. By that I mean when travelers travel and talk about their experience's they usually express themselves saying 'done it'. So if your travelling Thailand in 2016, keep reading learn about Samui, one of the most exciting islands in Thailand. And find out more about cheap accommodation and vacation rentals on this island in 2016.

Koh Samui

Being one of the largest of Thailand's islands (the third biggest to be precise) - it has naturally been taken as part of the tourist scene. It is approximately 228.7 km2 miles squared. And has a population of 63000 lovely Thai people. It's hard to believe that an island like this has been taken over by tourists. Treat it with respect and enjoy. Over 1000000 tourists visit Ko Samui each year, bringing in a huge amount of money to the province of Surrathani. These vacation rentals will surely make you want to stay longer.

Map of Samui
In the middle of the island is a huge mountain which is virtually un-inhabitable. The name of the mountain is Khao Pom, and the peak of the mountain reaches up to 635m. At the lowest part of the mountain is a road which connects both sides, this runs for 51km and connects most of Samui.

Samui is located in the Surrathani Province, on the very south of Thailand's coastline. There are a variety of ports that are on the island and serve tourists for every need: including transfers to get to the full moon parties over at Ko Phangan. The Ferry from Ko Phangan to Samui, shouldn't take so long - usually an hour or so, and are very regular. There are many tour companies in Ko Samui that can help arrange your ferry ride for you:

Information About The Thailand Full Moon Parties In 2016

Top 5 Amazing Beaches on Ko Samui.

There are a number of beautiful sandy white beaches that can cater for everybody's need. 

1. Chaweng Beach - one of the busiest beaches in Samui. This beach has the best party atmosphere and is suitable for families and travelers. There's many bars and restaurants dotted around for you to visit in the evening.  There's a Thai boxing evening in Chaweng and if you haven't been to one then we recommend that you go and see - someone posted a review over on trip-advisor:

Chaweng-Beach'Seeing a Muay Thai fight at this stadium was awesome! The people are cool, the venue is cool and the fights are the best! The music they play as they fight is sort of haunting. They do a prayer in the beginning and the lady that runs the place blesses the ring. At halftime they have a show and this guy walks a tight rope. I don't like UFC and thought this would be similar but was surprised to see that it was real fighting and not two guys on the ground with their legs wrapped around each other the entire time. There are 6 fights total with 4 rounds each. The event starts at 9pm and ends around midnight. I got there at 845 to ensure I got a good seat. I purchased the cheapest seat - which was 1200baht. Well worth it. I would recommend not to pay extra for the VIP seating, as in my opinion, the view is much better from the bleachers. Every seat in the house is good and has a full view of the ring.' - Sherri - Trip Advsor
2. Lamai Beach - situated 20 minutes away from Chaweng - if you need to relax this is the place to be. Lots of calm waters ideal for surfing and options to go snorkelling around the reef. The downside to this location is that nearby the beach are go-go bars, something which families don't want to see.

Thailand-News'Quiet beach - can find a large section to yourself easily. Also lots of bars with sunloungers if you want one. Nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of chaweng. Clean waters and soft sand!' - Trip Advisor

A lovely restaurant in Lamai Beach that is a must is the Baobab Restaurant (part of the Baobab resort). With dishes to suit everyone - western and thai dishes and fresh ingredients nothing can beat it. When I was in Lamai, I visited here on a number of occasions and my favourite dish was the Khap Phau Kai a traditional Thai dish. If you want a pizza, they have that to :) The staff were lovely and respectful and spoke very good English. And the location is on the beach so you can easily go for a little walk whilst waiting for your favourite dishes.

Other Beaches: 

3. Choeng Mon Beach - Good to relax, very secluded and romantic. Located a 20 minute drive from Chaweng. Things to do include visiting a small Thai Village nearby and building a sandcastle. 

4. Thongtakian - Another secluded beach, can't see it from the road so you really need to know where you are going (or GPS it). This island in Samui is great for snorkeling in Crystal clear water.

5. Maenam Beach - Another great beach on Ko Samui. This is a massive stretch of beach running for almost 7 kilometers. This makes the beach ideal for watersports like windsurfing. Not the busiest beach on Samui. You can rent beach huts here for reasonable prices - whilst they still offer the 5 star resorts.

Top 3 Family Resorts and Accommodation on Ko Samui - Vacation Rentals For The Family

Thailand has many cheap hotels on their islands. You just need to look a little further online and you will find cheap accommodation for all of Thailand even for here, on this amazing island we call Kho Samui.

1. Banyan Tree Resort / Hotel, Koh Samui

This resort is absolutely amazing with private villa's and rooms to die for it's definitely one for the family. Its situated on a hill top at the end of Lamai Bay a popular tourist beach with many things to do. There are over 78 villa's all with pools or infinity pools. The pools have different areas such as the ocean pool or garden pool. All rooms have flat screen and free Wi-Fi, and décor to suit the most neediest tourists. They even have bath tubs, what more could you ask for?


Things To Do Nearby

  • In Maret
  • Hin Ta and Hin Yai (5 km)
  • Escapology Koh Samui (0.7 km)
  • Silver Beach (1.4 km)
  • Coco Splash Waterpark ( 2.8 km)

        'My new wife and I have just returned home from a 10 day honeymoon at this beautiful paradise location. We stayed in Villa I 06 which far surpassed any of our expectations, the views and amenities such as infinity pool, bath tub ample for 2 people, daily replenishment of fruit, also goodies from turndown housekeeping in the evening from the in house bakery and lounge area with great coffee machine, bean bags outside for chilling out in etc etc etc.' -Trip Advisor - Reviewer

        Address: 99/9 Moo 4 Maret, Ko Samui, Kho Smaui, Surathani, Thailand

        2. The Tongsai Bay Resort/ Vacation Rental / Hotel, Samui 


        Another top rated family resort safe for the kiddies. The Tongsai Bay Resort is located on the north-eastern part of Koh Samui. It has over 83 residential properties available for its customers, these include small cottages, villas and suites. The location is very good as its only a short drive from Koh Samui Airport - also very near Chaweng Beach. They have beach front lets and villas with pools and it is within walking distance of Choeng Mon Beach.

        'The moment you step in to the Tongsai Bay you realize this place is not just a hotel. It’s a beautiful world on its own,A perfect tropical hideaway for honeymooners, couples or families seeking sensual seclusion.' 

        Address: 84 Moo 5, Bo Phut, Ko Samui Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

        3. Chaweng Garden Beach Resort / Vaction Rental /Hotel, Ko Samui

        Again another top rated hotel makes it into this small list. Chaweng Garden Beach Resort, as you may have guessed, is located right in the heart of Chaweng Beach - if you really want a beach holiday then I'd suggest this. There's many accomadation styles offered here, including standard hotel suites and garden bunglalows situated within a stones throw from the beach - that is, of course, if you can throw a stone 50m's! 

        Chaweng Beach Resort

        We stayed here for 4 nights of our holiday and absolutely loved it. We were greeted by a very friendly receptionist, a cold drink and towel which was lovely after travelling most of the day. 

        Address: 162/8 Chaweng Beach, Ko Samui, Surat Thani, 84320, Thailand

        Dengue Fever Thailand - Your Questions Answered

        Your Questions Answered - Dengue Fever - Carol, 33, England

        Hi, we are all booked for our trip to Bangkok, and Koh Samui in August. This year there has been a lot of dengue fever outbreaks and there is much talk about dengue fever being the real concern and i have to say i am feeling really panicked about our trip now. Can a voice of reason try and set my mind at rest?

        Answer: Yes. We hope we can set your mind at rest. Make sure you always keep yourself protected. Buy some deet spray. When you buy the deet, you are looking for ones with high percentage. As you know dengue fever is spread via mosquitoes (often during the night). Just take the necessary precautions and enjoy your holiday. Make sure you check out the spicy food :)

        Wednesday, 12 August 2015

        Phuket to Koh Phi Phi Thailand's Most Splendid Island.

        The Island of Koh Phi Phi (not Koh PP or Koh Pi pi or even Pee Pee!)

        Phi Phi island is located in the South of Thailand near Phuket. Here you can find cheap hotels for your stay. There's many things to do including water sports. Stay at Koh Phi Phi Don Hotels. Travel from Phuket to Phi Phi with ease.

        After spending 3 nights in Krabi, I moved on. Time to visit a real jewel of an island in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is probably one of the smallest 'tourist' islands in the South. There are many islands on the south including Koh Phangyan
        and Koh Samui.

        Easily Travel from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

        From here you can go out on boat trips across to other islands, you can sunbathe, get drunk and drink buckets. Phi Phi is a very small island and can be over-crowded so 
        the option of a tour is inviting.


        Travel By Ferry To Phi Phi

        From Krabi, it takes around 4 hours by ferry, just don't drop your ticket in the sea
        like I did! Fortunately for me the ferryman saw the incident and took pity.

        The views of the other islands from the boat are stunning. Most of them
        shoot straight up into lime-scale cliffs. Beautiful but very similar to its Vietnam
        counterpart - Halong Bay.

        When arriving in Koh Phi Phi, you have to pay a small fee, at the port, of 20 baht -
        this was quoted in 2012, but probably a lot higher now.

        Apparently this goes towards cleaning the island - after spending 8 days there,
        I've come to the conclusion it goes to some mafia family's back pocket.

        The island is very small and very busy, so it can be frustrating getting around. 
        There are no taxi's or Tuk - Tuks on the island which is a gift in itself, no 
        pollution - bar the litter from the foreign tourists.

        Around the island are Tsunami evacuation points in case of an emergency.
        Because of how small Phi Phi is, it really brings home what the Thai people
        and holidaymakers would of experienced during the boxing day disaster.

        On the upside the Thai people are as happy as ever and getting on with life -
        although it was quite a while ago now, everything been built back up and I've
        so far seen barely any evidence of a natural disaster.

        Day Trips Snorkeling Around Phi Phi Islands

        I decided to go on a snorkeling trip on Koh Phi Phi, which was a nice cheap day
        out. We visited monkey beach, literally where the monkeys hang out, so
        inventively named. They snatch and grab as much as they can from tourists, clever
        little bastards, I left my things on the boat, so they got nothing from me
        Monkey 0 - Liam 1.

        After that the boat took us to a viking cave, which was a load of crap, it was
        a cave and on the outside, lots of bamboo put together, to make it look a little
        historic. Everyone else was taking photos, I was laughing at these gullible tourists.

        Then to Maya Bay, which is where they filmed, The Beach starring Leonardo
        D Caprio. Wonderful white sandy beach, only thing was that the water was very
        shallow, it basically felt like a glorified bath.

        The island itself was quiet, and peaceful. We also did some snorkeling which 
        was fun, apart from I can't use the mouth piece of a snorkel. So I was pretty much 
        goggle-ing my way around the fish. I learnt colorful fish are nice in clear water. 
        I did keep an eye out for sharks!

        All in all this is a cheap nice little excursion, remember take tonnes of water
        it gets hot sitting in a boat. The boat was some kind of long boat, i don't know
        what they call them.

        Nightlife On Phi Phi

        Finally the party scene here is ace, there's a few nice bars and there's an awesome
        beach bar which everyone ends up at. To save money I bought buckets
        (a bottle of whisky or vodka, mixed with Thai Red Bull and Coke) from street
        vendors for 150 baht. They cost 400 baht or so in the bar, I then took into the
        party via the beach entrance.

        Met some great people here, in my hostel, 24 mixed dorm, some of them were ill,
        some of them were working there, and there were rabbits in a cage outside.

        Great place Flower Bungalows, check it out if you ever visit. I ended up staying
        for 8 days. It was in basically a massive beach hut with a tonne of people, a cold
        shower and a lot of beautiful people.