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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thai Air Ways - Review

Thai Air Ways - Review.

A new journey for me before I have flown with AirAsia and Thai Lion Air.

Having traveled extensively around Asia over the past few years, I have now had the pleasure of traveling with this Thai Air line.

Some background information - Thai Airways are an airline that have been operating for many years.
Company Profile

Living up to their famous saying 'Smooth as Silk' I never felt a tremor of turbulence.

I flew on a premium economy ticket which offered great leg room as I'm a fairly tall guy.
The food is actually pretty good. Our nonstop flight from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) - Thailand [BKK] to Hong Kong serving us some snacks on the way.

On their website you can see a few food options for long haul flights. Dishes include, Thai sweet curry, omelets, fried rice, and sarnies. They also offer water and other drinks on any flight. Some airlines don't do this.
Thai Airlines

There wasn't much entertainment due it being a fairly short trip. None the less it was an afternoon flight, so I could take in some views.

The service inside the plane is pretty good. The air hostesses are beautiful and kind. They wear traditional Thai clothes which almost all asian hostesses have to do.

Overall, i'd give Thai Airways a 10/10.

Please visit their website - and see what offers they have.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

How To Get A Refund From Edreams

How To Get A Refund For Your Flight Booked On Discount Company Website Edreams

Cheap flight tickets with a cheap travel company can be a bad idea. 

So stupidly I booked with to go on a flight to Beijing, China. This was a low cost airline, with low cost customer service. But I got my refund. I've seen many stories of other people being scammed by Edreams, and getting told to call them on premium phone numbers - and get scammed again. The good news is that you can get a refund, just follow my outrageous steps below, and Edreams will bow down to the pressure.

The Fateful Booking On Edreams Website

I had all the extras they charged and it came to £566 for a one way. I then thought I had booked it. But then received an email stating there had been an error with my booking. I emailed them back with the email they gave me and didn’t hear back from them.

I found many bad reviews, I should have checked before hand. I rang my bank to cancel the pending transaction because of the error report email. I then checked two days later Edreams had sent the transaction again, even after I cancelled it, and took the money – £566. My anxiety went through the roof, and I was going crazy.

So, it was about 5pm when I found they had taken the money the second time. I got really mad and looked at more reviews of people saying they couldn’t get refunds etc.

When something like this happens, companies usually put off speaking to you for as long as possible hence the premium phone calls, and the long awaited email responses.

After I followed there procedures 4 days earlier by emailing them and not getting a response, I crawled the internet looking for every email address I could find in relation to edreams. I must have emailed 30 people insisting they got back to me.

Using Social Media To Get Your Refund

I also went on twitter and tagged all there accounts telling them nobodies emailing me back, I also went on their face book and posted a few comments.

The final person I emailed was there CEO, I found him on LinkedIn. So pretty much I fired all cylinders and went mad messaging them. Kept refreshing my emails and nothing…I then checked my bank account at about 9pm. And there it was the full refund. So pretty much social networks helped me out a lot I think and it got me heard and most importantly my refund.

Update: Their new CEO is  Dana Dunne (2015) so when tracing somebody this is the name you should be looking for.

Just go for it - go crazy on Edreams ass... and get your god damn refund.