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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Big C Supercenter Thailand - Best Supermarket In Thailand

Big C Company - บิ๊กซี ซูเปอร์เซ็นเตอร์.

When you decide to pack up your life and move to a new country, lets say Thailand as an example. Then you still need somewhere to shop and maybe buy some imported luxury items. If you are coming to Thailand you will be happy to know Big C is the supermarket that's conveniently located all over the land of Thai. Big C not only looks after the Thai's, but also looks after the foreigners to.

5 Reasons To Shop At Big C

1. Cheap Products
2. Located all over Thailand - easy to find.
3. You can shop online
4. Offer premium imported products
5. The best supermarket in Thailand

In this article we will cover every basic thing that you need to know about Big C.
  •                    phone numbers
  •                    addresses
  •                    updated price lists (2016)
  •                    history
  •                    maps
  •                    apps
  •                    and many other Big C things

The Big C supermarket retailer is one of the most powerful stores in Thailand. They operate stores all over the country from the luscious island of Koh Samui and Phuket all the way to Big C (extra) on Rama 4 in Central Bangkok. People who flock to Thailand annually will know that Big C is as popular as 7/11 or Tesco Lotus.
The stores are made famous and un-miss able from their logo designs. The logo design for Big C is a clean and clear cut image with a giant red C and the words Big written in yellow - with a lime green background design. The CEO of Big C must be very delighted with this branding.

The very first Big C was opened in the early 90s, 1994 to be exact, and that store still operates today. The location of the first Big C Store is located at Chaengwattana Road in Bangkok.

And they are still going strong - in 2010 they took over another big retailer Carrefour. This brought up the amount of the stores they have to an incredible amount of over 690 stores nationwide. The Big C Supercenter in Rangsit was opened in 1995 and still operates today. They also operate stores in Vietnam and Laos.

Big C has a head office located in Bangkok. This is also the same place where the Big C Super Centre is located. Many things happen at the Big C head office, from Big C recruitment to choosing the next big promotions for its customers. Big C is a very popular brand and outlet.

Head Office
Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited
6th floor, 97/11 Rajdamri Road,
Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Contact : 02-655-0666

C Big Call Centre

Big C also has a call center which can be reached incase of any problems such as complaining about a specific item that you bought, but who likes complainers? They have a telephone number that you can contact the call center directly. Important if you are calling from outside Thailand you must use the prefix or international code before dialing.
Call-Center: 1756 (Daily 8.00 - 22.00 hrs.)

Big C Supercenter - บิ๊กซี ซูเปอร์เซ็นเตอร์.

There are over 100 Big C Supercenters dotted around Thailand. These have everything from food, to electrics and clothing. This stores are aimed at lower to middle class families making shopping cheaper for everybody.

Big C Supermarket Bangkok (BKK) Rajadamri Road and Pratunam Market
There are a few Big C's located in Bangkok. The Big Supercenter below is located in Rajdamri Road. This is really a Supercenter. Big C is located on the second and third floors the first floor has many high street shops to keep you entertained. As with all the Big C's this one comes with everything you need all under one roof - this is opposite the famous central world. This store is located not far from the very famous Sukhumvit Road so is ideal for travelers. This supermarket is also very to the Pratunam Clothing Market.

Big C Rajdamri Road, Bangokok

Big C Bangkok
97/11 Rajdamri Rd.
Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
Daily Opening Hours:
9am - 11pm


Big C Koh Samui - บิ๊กซี ซูเปอร์เซ็นเตอร์.

Koh Samui Island the popular tourist destination even has a Big C. When you are on your travels you always need a supermarket to save some dosh. Especially on an expensive island like Samui. Below we have included the address for you. The store is located on the north east part of the island near Samui Airport - we have also included a map for you.
Big C Located On The North East Of Koh Samui
Big-C Koh Samui
Ring Road, Boh Put
   Boh Put Koh Samui
Surratthani 84320
Daily Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm

Big C Extra - Chang Mai - บิ๊กซี ซูเปอร์เซ็นเตอร์.

If you have decided to travel to Chang Mai - you will be happy to know there is also a Big C here. This is a Big C Extra store. These kinds of stores 'Extra's' are aimed at people with money to spend, so don't be surprised if prices are higher in these stores. This store offers fresh and dry premium products - you can even buy some wine if you like. This store seems to be aimed at tourists as tourists have lots of holiday money to spend and can afford premium goods.

Big C Extra Located in Chang Mai

Big C Extra
94 Moo 4 Chiangmai-Lampang Road
Nongpakrang, Muang
Chiang Mai 50000
Daily Opening Hours:
9am - 11pm



Big C Patong Big C Extra

If you are travelling to Phuket to sample the wonderful things such as the Big Buddha and daringly scary nightlife then you would probably like to know some more information about the Big C Extra in Patong. As mentioned the Extra stores come with premium and imported goods. I've been here before and I absolutely loved it.
Direction: From Phuket town to Kathu, cross the mountain to Patong. Use Rat U-Thit 200 Pee Road, Big C Phuket 2 is in Jungceylon.
Big C Extra - Patong
201 Rat U-Thit 200 Pee Rd.
Patong, Kathu
Phuket 83150
Daily Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

Big C Prices

Prices for goods at the Big C are very reasonable for a supermarket. You can buy many groceries and dry foods here including Thai and Western products. As a rule of thumb always expect imported goods to cost a little more than the Thai counterparts. Remember if you are after electrical goods, you cannot haggle in a Big C, like many supermarkets at home their prices are fixed, no haggling, you penny pinching shoppers. Although, like most supermarkets they hold promotional offers for many perishable and non-perishable products.


Big C Shopping List (Prices)

Below we have chosen some products and have given you some prices to compare. All prices are correct as of April 2016. Most of the items listed are imported so they will be a little higher in price than Thai groceries or Big C's own brands.

Food Prices Big C Shopping (Price) List

Thai Danish Milk UHT 250 - 129 thb
Kraft Salad Sandwich Spread 16oz - 101 tbh

Big C Brown Sugar 500g - 25 thb

Roza Ketchup 600g - 35 thb

Tipco 100% Orange Juice - 55thb

Bon Aroma Instant Coffee Gold 100g - 139thb

3 in 1 Nescafe (Red) - 120 thb

Tim Tams Milk Chocolate Biscuit - 36 thb

We've also decided to add some electrical goods. So if you are moving to Thailand you can get a vague idea of what to expect when shopping in one of Big C's stores. Again, it is a good idea to expect to pay a high price for imported electric goods such as mobile phones or household appliance's.

Electrical Goods Shopping (Price) List

Toaster Phillips Model HR2595 - 750 thb

Toaster: Phllips Model HR2595

Otto Electric Kettle Model PT-105a - 299 thb

Samsung Smart Phone
Model Galaxy Note 5, Silver - 25,900 thb

Display 55inch Model KDL-55W800C - 39,490 thb


Shopping Online and Delivery Options

The great thing about BIG C is that you can do your shopping online, all from the comfort of your own home. You'll be glad to know the price's above are accurate as they come from Big C's online store. Please click here to get through to Big C's Online Shopping Website
You can also download Big C's application which makes shopping even easier, these options are available on Android and IOS (Apple). Big C's App For Android.
                          Big-C-Online   Big-C-Product


Big C Delivery Bangkok and Thailand

Big C offer deliveries for their customers. Or you can order online and pick up in store. Usually online orders deliveries can take up to 24 hours. You can even order through their call center by dialing 1756 from inside Thailand. Orders over 1500 thb have the free delivery promotion, if you order items and the final price is under 1500 thb you will incur a small delivery fee.

Big C BIG Card

If you are familiar with western Supermarkets such as Tesco or Sainsburys you will be aware (like me) that they offer promotional cards such as Tesco Clubcard Points. Big C are doing the same. The more you shop, the more points you can accumulate. This then turns into money off vouchers for your shopping.
To get a Big C Big Card you can call the call center on 1756 or you can download an application form from their website. I strongly suggest that if you can't speak Thai, then give them a call - most can speak some English and can help you with your request. Happy Shopping :)

Big C Vietnam

Big C have a variety of their supermarkets located in Vietnam, so if your doing a bike trip from the north to the south, then this might be of great convenience to you. Back in 2003 and 3 Big C managed to take over an old chain of supermarkets in Vietnam. This led to the Big C invasion of 'nam. Just like in Thailand, this company is thriving in Vietnam. 'It's the Same Same But Different'.
222 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.
Daily Opening Times: 10am - 10pm

Ho Chi Minh

Lot A, Cityland zone, no.99, Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Tan Phu Ward,  District 7, HCM City
Daily Opening Times: 7.30am - 10pm

Big C Vietnam Stores

In A Nutshell

I love Big C and I couldn't imagine Thailand without it, especially on them days where you feel like you want to be at home. Just go to Big C, buy some imported products and you'll get that taste of home to pick you up again. I remember a funny experience at a Big C in Bangkok in 2013 - I was looking at the DVD section and I could see some adult movies in one of them promotional boxes. There was no attempt to hide the adult movies. Good old Big C. We love you. Happy Shopping readers.
All the images served on this page that include the Big C logo are sourced directly from their website which can be found here.