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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Thailand Lottery 30th December 2017 / 30.12.2017 Results Chart

Thailand Lottery Results - 30th December 2017 / 30.12.2017

Thailand Lottery 16th January 2018

Winning Numbers: TBA

Three Numbers: TBA

Two Lucky Numbers: TBA

Thai Lottery Next Draw 16th January 2018

Are you sure you know the numbers? Thai Lotto sure digits, what are they? Here at Thailand Lotto Results, you can be sure to get the numbers on time. We are Thai Lotto Kings. 

The Thai Government Lottery Results - TIPS

Don't forget to grab your Thai Lottery Tickets, and then check back here on the 16th January 2018  for the results. Thai Lottery is played on the 1st and 16th of every month. Thousands of people love to play the Thai lottery in South East Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Vietnam

Tips to find lucky numbers: If you strongly believe in Karma then November will be your month. Choose numbers that are relative to your family members such as birthdays or a special day you share with your wife.

Remember if you are playing the Thai Lotto, it can really help you achieve something special. You can win lots of money which can help afford your children's future, like school fee's or buying a house or car. So play the Thai Lotto today, and see if you can win something. If you have the winning numbers, then you are in luck!

You can use Thai Lotto Tips to help you achieve the winning numbers. Including sixline, tass, last two, three lucky numbers, 4pc paper.

This November 16th try playing the Thai Lotto and see what can be achieved.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Thai Lotto Results Chart and Tips 16th April 2017

Thai Lotto Results 16th April 2017

Thai Lotto Results Chart 16.1.2017


Playing the Thai Lotto is a decisive way to have fun in your amazing SA life. Have you played before? Have you won before? Do you follow Thai Lotto Tips and Advice? Join us twice a month, sixteenth and first, for all the lotto results. Play today and see if you can win. Here's a tip, keep playing for fun. Enjoy. Sawadee. Are you going to play this month. Players across the world: Saudi Arabia, UK, Myanmar, Burma, Vietnam plus many many more. Enjoy the results on the 16th April. Good Luck.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hard Rock Cafe Been Rockin South East Asia For 25 Years - Pattaya

Hard Rock Cafe Asia -  Truck Tour in Pattaya 2016

Pattaya: A few days ago the Hard Rock café stopped by at its Pattaya shop in Thailand. Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating 25 years of trading in South East Asia. And to celebrate this have organized a Truck Tour of all the Cafe's that it has.
On the 19th of May the Truck was parked at the T Junction on the Beach Road in Central Pattaya. The tour will continue until July.


The truck showcases some of the Hard Rock Cafe's most famous dishes, and shows customers how to make the perfect burger. Of course there will be the countries style of burger, in Thailand's case they had things like beef krapaw and fried egg burger, double pork schnitzel and mustard sauerkraut (which originates from Germany).
These burgers are quite expensive, I must say, but all proceeds will go to a special project "Rock The School' which is a special organization for exceptionally gifted students. If you have missed the chance to see the truck just pop into your local Hard Rock Cafe where they will still have the special recipes available.
Of course this is a global tour and south East Asia is just one stop off for the tour. Hard Rock Cafe has restaurants located all over the world including Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Australia, and even China. Thailand currently have four located in the tourist areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Big C Jumbo Promotions Thailand 2016

Jumbo Big CJumbo Big C
Jumbo Big C 2016Jumbo Big C 2016

Big C Superstore Promotions 19th August to 28th August 2016

Big C Thailand is one of the most popular supermarkets in the country. Today, we have uploaded some of the promotions available to Big C Jumbo customers. These promotions run from the  19th to the 28th of April and are only available instore at Big C Jumbo.

Big C Jumbo Stores Thailand 

Big C Jumbo - Navakorn Opening Hours 6am to 11pm

Address:98/196 Moo 13
Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang
Pathumthani 12120

Big C Jumbo - Samut Prakarn - Samrong 2 Opening Hours 6am to 11pm

1293 Moo 4
Theparak, Muang
Samutprakarn 10270 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Top 5 Things to do before Travel In Thailand

Top 5 Things To Do Before Going To Live or Travel in Thailand

Going to Thailand is something that needs careful preparation; it could be that you are going to live in Thailand, travel in Thailand or even teaching in the land of smiles. There are things you must do, and from my own experience's I've put together a few of them.

1. Prepare Your Accommodation 

Decide if you will stay in a hotel or apartment. Whatever you do prepare this before you arrive, look on and other websites.

The one thing I always regretted was not preparing my hotel. I arrived at Bangkok airport, no hotel, and with no idea of where to go. I was trying to live on the fly. I arrived about 1am in the morning and didn't know what to do. So I jumped in a taxi and went to Kho San road, the tourist hub. There I knew that I could get a hotel, the taxi driver offered to arrange it and I reluctantly agreed. The next day I found out I paid double for the cost of the hotel. Did I learn from this experience? Yes, I always book for my arrival dates, and then decide afterwards what hotel to go to.

Of course, if you are not a single traveler you will have all of the stuff pre-planned before going to Thailand.

2. Flights To Thailand 

 £450 one way but check out all websites. My reason for booking a one way ticket is that I don't want to come back! But it also saves me money to start with. After travelling place's like Bali, Vietnam, China, Hong-Kong, Singapore etc, I know that booking a flight way in advance is the best option. You can save so much money this way.

Luckily I have never been caught ought with high price's by booking last minute; this is partly down to me being a single traveler. The last flight I caught was a single from London to Hong Kong, with only one change. This cost about £400 and I thought it was quite cheap.

Try not to book flights through Edreams or other websites in this category. Once I booked a ticket with them, believing the ticket was a cheaper rate, so I booked it. An email came through saying the price was higher than I actually paid - I went crazy and got my money back, you can read about this here 'How To Get Your Money Back Off Edreams'.

Thai-Visa, Thai News3. Visa Costs Thailand

Thailand £20 - £25 depending on which visa you require. The one I've chosen is the 30 day tourist exemption, as I don't start my job for a while I can't apply for a work permit. Choosing the tourist exemption visa is a good option as you can get this as you arrive into Thailand. The other option, well you have to send you're passport off! These visa prices were correct in 2012. They have probably gone up a little.

4. Vaccinations For Thailand

Make sure you have your vaccinations before you go. If you catch Malaria Malaria, make sure your ready for it, tablets or otherwise. You wouldn't want to end up like in hospital.

In the countryside where I was working my work colleague, another English Teacher from Africa, was taken ill. She was put in hospital on a drip for many days. Now, i'm still unsure if they diagnosed her correctly - but the conditions weren't so great.

You can get some vaccinations for free off the NHS, but for medical conditions such as Yellow Fever, the charge can be around £50.

Also stay protected and buy some Deet  You can use this to protect you from mosquito bites.

Dengue Fever is another high risk tropical disease, mainly caught from mosquitoes - you can read about how to protect yourself from dengue here.

Surgeries usually require you to register and book an appointment a nurse to decide what vaccinations you need. I was quite lucky, i've managed to get mine sorted within 2 days due to nobody every leaving my town (Bedworth) so the health center has a lot in stock.

5. Research Before Going To Thailand

5. Research more information about Thailand, if you are going to take an English course, if you are going to go diving, if you are simply going to build castles - hunt for more information. Always make sure you have travel insurance prepared, and stay safe on the motorbikes.

You will love Thailand, just stay safe and have fun. If there's anything you can add to this list please do comment below. Enjoy. Check out our travel blog directory.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Honey House Hotel Accommodation in Bangkok Thailand

Honey House 2 Accommodation  in Bangkok - Review

The Honey House 2, Bangkok, Thailand. This accomodation has been rated 'Very Good' by customers on Trip Advisor.  Each customer can review a hotel and give it an overall score out of 5. So a good review so far.


This one was scored as follows; 

1. Excellent - 11 people gave it 5.
2. Very Good - 28 people gave it 4.
3. Average - 12 people gave it 3.
4. Poor - 4 people gave it 2.
5. Terrible - 3 people gave it 1.

Why Excellent?

From the reviews we can see that this hotel is in a good location. It's far enough to be away from the noise of Sukhumvit, but still feel like you are there. And a very cheap place with some prices coming in at 1000baht a night.

Address: 106/3-4 Sukhumwit Soi 22, Sukhumwit Road | KlongtoeyBangkok 10110, ThailandLocation:Thailand >BangkokPrice Range: $25 - $27 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)Hotel Class:2 star — Honey House 2 2*

Attractions Nearby

As you can imagine in Bangkok there's a lot of things for you to see and do - things to do located near this hotel include; Benjakitti Park, Benjasiri Park and the Emporium Shopping Centre. Bare in mind there's a BTS nearby hence Bangkok is your Oyster.

Why Very Good?

Reviewers have stated that this hotel has friendly hotel staff, and we all need that after a long journey. Free wifi, breakfast and shampoo, and ac :) Nice simple rooms, value for money and very clean. So if you are travelling on a budget, this could be the place for you. 7/11 is right outside, taxi-ride's to where the action is cost only 50baht. There's also a BTS stop nearby so you can get to the palace and temples.

Why Terrible?

One customer noted that one of the bedroom windows was facing the corridor, and could hear everybody walking up and down the corridor.


Not many complaints, seems decent enough, give it a shot. I've stayed in some rough place's in Thailand - if I could go back in time I would of definitely upgraded to something more decent.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

4 Cool Ways To Travel Thailand

Travel In Thailand 2016

Tuk tuks are the most enjoyable and scariest experiences that you can have in Thailand. Thai Tuk Tuks are small three wheeled motor-bikes. They are designed specifically for short distance journeys. Tuk - tuks are quite simply thrilling. Other modes of transport include the old wooden boats; the song-tow which is a small bus. These are unique ways to travel in Thailand. Take a look at our list for other ways. Tuk - Tuks all the way.


1. The number one way to travel Thailand is by Tuk-Tuk. As you arrive in Phuket you can see Tuk-Tuks immediately (just like Tuk-Tuks in Cambodia).

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dengue Fever Facts

    Top - Dengue Fever Thai Facts 2016

Dengue fever is really something that you should try to prevent. Dengue is one of the highest medical problems when travelling in Thailand.
  • Dengue fever is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes. 
  • Symptoms include as severe joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, exhaustion, and rash. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Norwegian Couple Nearly Die In Sinking Mud - Thai News

KRABI inThailand - A  fisherman has been hailed as a  hero because he came to the rescue and saved a couple from Norway who had become stuck in mud in Krabi River. 

The actions of Mr Chat Ubonchinda were caught on camera. 

The footage has been uploaded onto youtube  and has been viewed over 1.5 million times. The drama unfolded on Friday morning when the unnamed Norwegian couple had became stuck in waist high mud when taking photographs of Krabi River. 
Mr Ubonchinda who was out in his fishing boat at the time, saw the couple get into difficulty and decided to go their rescue, reports Khaosod.
 In the footage, Mr Ubonchinda can be seen first moving all of the couple’s photography equipment to safe ground, before returning to try and pull the couple out of the mud. I would have taken the couple and then the equipment personally, I guessed he figured if they drowned he could make a few pennies off selling the camera equipment. Mr Ubonchinda risks his own well being by laying face down in the mud, allowing the couple to use his body to walk over to free themselves. I cannot think of anyone with this much kindness, Thai's are simply the best. After the couple were able to get free, Mr Unbonchinda went to his boat and was on his way. 
The couple have tried to contact their rescuer to show their thanks. However, Mr Unbonchinda told reporters he did not want anything in return for his actions. - associated press

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bangkok Shrine

The Bangkok People Have Made A loving Shrine Dedicated To Those Killed In The Bangkok Bombings

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ten Fabulous Tourist Tips For Thailand

Fabulous Tourist Advice Thailand and Thai Girls

Having lived in Thailand here is some advice. If you have ever considered life in Thailand - i'd suggest have a thorough read about Thai Life, Thai Girls, and Thailand in general. Amazing Thailand is full of amazing people. You just have to find them.


Our Top 10 Tips For Thailand

1. Do not pat someone on the head - it's disrespectful, and considered a sacred part of the body. The feet are considered the least important part of the body - don't step on anyone's toes. A body is like a hierarchy the top being the most important. I like this tradition in Thailand.

2. Monk's are not allowed to beg for money. Scammers, they'll do anything. There was a Thai monk who was scamming many people. He got found out when he was pictured in first class on a plane wearing designer sunglasses. Many people questioned how he could afford such luxuries. Needless to say - because he SCAMMED tourists in Thailand.

3. Don't take a woolly jumper! It gets very hot all over Thailand. That's why many tourists dress like they've just woken up. Thai girls dress amazingly. Little shorts and tight tops. Love!

4. They have two seasons - one of them being the monsoon season lasts for 6 months! Take a rain coat. During the monsoon season the weather can be so unpredictable. There will be times when it will rain for short periods, but with super heavy rain. Take a poncho! 

5. Respect all elders - especially in this culture. In the West we do respect elders. But we don't take care of them as much as they do in Thailand. In England we will send old people to an old peoples home. In Thailand, they will look after the elders, Often they will live with the family whilst the parents go to work.

6. One article said "don't touch a girl if you don't know them" - I think this applies to every country in the world! Saying that, if you do go through with this - 2 things could happen; 1. Get arrested. or 2. You will touch a Ladyboy, and i'll leave the rest to your imagination. Ladyboy's in Thailand are crazy.

7. Don't dis-respect their King he's like a God to them. The possibility of going to jail's high! See 10. La Majeste - People get sent to prison for things like social media opinions in relation to the king. You just can't do it.

8. Avoid scammers see number 2. There's also the scam of Thai girls, 'falling in love with you' and then spiking you and robbing you. This can happen often. Just be careful - there are some lovely Thai girls and people. 

9. They call westerners 'falang'. Don't be surprised if you hear this term regularly. Some westerners in Thailand think it's a racist term. But I don't, you get used to it.

10. Don't end up in prison - i've seen Bridget Jones 2!