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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Migrant Workers Being Told No To Work In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand have been laying down the law, and are cracking down on workers, migrant workers, from neighboring countries such as Vietnam and China.

Why? Well they believe that the migrant workers are stealing jobs that belong to Thai people. Earlier this year in Phuket there was outrage in Phuket as Chinese tour guides were accused of stealing the Thai tour guides jobs. And in one case at a Chinese wedding in Thailand, a Chinese wedding photographer was detained for not having a work permit.

Just this week the police force and troops raided supermarkets in Bangkok and arrested migrant workers from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Reutuers had reported Thai immigration police Chief Nathon Phrosunthorn as saying:
We have recieved many complaints about illegal immigrants working in markets including Vietnamese and even South Asians who were stealing jobs from Thai's'
In a ruling made by Thailand in 2015 - Vietnamese Citizens who want to work in Thailand can only work as manual labourers in Thailand's fishing or construction industries.

As Thailand's economy becomes richer more people from the poorer neighbors are working in Thailand as illegal or legal workers: READ The Full Story Here 

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