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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thailand News: 15 Piles of Bones Found In Undon Thani

Thailand News: Human Bones Found In Udon Thani 2016

In the Ban Phue district of Udon Thani many human bones have been discovered in a forest. They are believed to be of human origin but forensics have yet to prove this.

The bones were found at the bottom of the mountain next to the forest. Ban Khon Bon Wiang Chai village is located nearby.

There were 15 piles of these, believed to be, human bones. The bones when taken from the piles and were further examined, they represent human bodies, with skulls and other kinds of human bones. Allthough most were incomplete.

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The Bangkok Post reported that at the scene were burnt out tires and petrol home-made bombs this suggested that the humans had been made to put a tire around them whilst being burnt.

The bones were discovered after local bush fires had uncovered them. Reporters from a national TV station Channel 9 had been reporting about the bush fires, this led to the find. Which then led onto local police that went to investigate the unidentified bones.

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The governor of Udon Thani posted a photo to his facebook page:


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'I would like to assure the people of Udan Thani that I, the regional police chief, and the commander of the 24th Army Circle will closely work together to bring the culprits in this case to justice' - Governor Chayawut of Udon Thani.


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