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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tourists To Be Banned From Driving Thailand News

Bangkok, Thailand - Tourist Banned From Driving in Thailand - News 2016

Of late there has been a huge amount of foreign tourists driving cars around Thailand. Specifically entering from the North where Thailand meets China. Thailand have now decided to ban tourists from ruling there roads.

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The problem is that many China tourists come into Thailand to gain driving licences as they are easier to come by, than mainland China. The easiest option for the Chinese particularly those that live on the border of Thailand, is to come to Thailand and get themselves a driving license in a short amount of time.

Banning all foreign tourists from driving in Thailand, is not the best idea. One option is to ban some tourists from getting Driving Licenses in Thailand, this would stop the surge of Chinese coming through.
The ban is meant to enforce order said Land Transport Department Chief Sanit Phromwong 
Tourists will be aloud to make requests to drive in Thailand through Thailand Tourist Operators. They will have to sumbit requests and paperwork ten days before entering Thailand. Tourists will receive special cards (permitting the vehicle to drive in Thailand) and will cost 500 baht. The length of the vehicle permit will be 30 days, after this the vehicle owner can re-enter Thailand again for 30 more days - the yearly limit is 60 days. The rules haven't come into effect at the time of writing.

There's only 3 countries that are exempt from this rule, which are Laos, Malaysia and Singapore.

Many Chinese tourists like to drive their cars into Thailand, but that will not happen in the future said Chief Sanit Phromwong.

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