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Thursday, 31 March 2016

EXO Concert 2016 - Shanghai March 27th - K-Friends

EXO Concert in Shanghai - Fanboys and Fangirls Not Happy - K-Friends

On the 27th March 2016 EXO (the famous KPOP - Group from Asia) really let down their fans by not sticking to their arrangement of the gig.

The concert was called K-Friends the organizers stated the show would be held on Sunday 27th March 2016 from 7.30pm until 20.30pm. All EXO members would be performing on the evening of the concert and they would perform a told of ten songs. - SINA (Chinese News)


How much is a ticket to an EXO concert? 

Well, the price for the tickets for this show were an incredible 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan (£400 - £600). In this day and age that is still massively overpriced for a concert. But fans paid it and should have got what was advertised. You can fly to England for that much! KPOP is raking it in.
One representative of the concert organizer revealed during an interview with Sina about not entering a contract with the major agency, SM Entertainment."We did not sign a contract with SM Entertainment directly," the representative said, as reported by K-Pop Herald."Instead, there was a third party, but they (didn’t follow) the contract. They did not even show up for the show and we were not able to reach the agency as well."The representative further revealed that the organizers just followed orders and that they will take action regarding refunding tickets to the fans."We just advertised as we were told by them. We even crossed Lay off the list after we heard the news of his absence. Specific details of the ticket refunds will be announced later on." reported by kpopstarz.com
Now, I don't understand much about this K-POP lark, why do people love it so much? Why do people spend so much on tickets? I hope some of these people get refunds. Even one of the band members didn't show up to the concert, his name is Lay. Lay is from China, so you'd expect him to show up. Other members come from Korea (the South).  Lets just hope they make it to their concert in Bangkok on April 11th.

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