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Monday, 14 March 2016

Bangkok SCB 8 People Died by Powerful Chemicals

Bangkok: 8 Citizens Died - Chemical Substance Causes Death 

Bangkok, Thailand. On late Sunday (13th March 2016) a powerful Chemical substance was released killing 8 people. The scene of the incident was at a local bank, in the basement, inside a vault. This was not a terror attack.

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Chemical Poison

The chemical posioning happened in a vault inside the HQ (headquarters) of one of Thailand's major banks - Siam Commercial Bank. The bank is located on Ratchadaphisek Rd in central Bangkok. 

The incident happened due to a upgrade in the banks Chemical Fire Safety system. This was an accident as contractors were completing their work. SCB has blamed the explosion on the contractors that were working on the upgrade. 

'The work may have triggered the Pyrogen aerosol which, once it works, will decrease oxygen, that could cause people's injuries and death' Siam Commercial Bank has stated in a statement released to the public.
It is thought that the contractors were working on a kind of aerosol system that is designed and used in places where water can damage certain types of important things such as documents. The aerosol system was accidentally triggered caused the room to be free of oxygen, therefore people nearby were unable to breath.

'an aerosol system called pyrogen was "inadvertently activated and exhausted all the oxygen in the area" as contractors were working on it'  stated Siam Commercial Bank.
There were delays getting to the people that died stated the Bangkok Post. Because of the doors of the vault being so tough, it made the task of getting to the victims a lot more difficult.

Autopsies have shown that the victims had died due to lack of oxygen.  Seven people were killed including a on-duty guard. 

 'There were no wounds found on their bodies. It was like they were sleeping' General Porn Sutheerakhun - Institute of Forensic Medicine.
Siam Commercial Bank expressed their sympathies:
  'SCB would like to express its sympathy to those injured and killed'

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