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Friday, 1 January 2016

What VPN Do I Need in 2016?

What VPN Do I Need In Asia (China) in 2016?

Thailand, China, or Australia access the world with a VPN.

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Having a VPN allows you not only to surf the net privately but also freely in countries that block certain social media websites like Facebook or Youtube. You can buy a VPN or you can use a free one. The latter being the worse. Used for travel or when you reside in a country like Thailand, or China.

Why Do I Need A VPN In Asia Or At Home?

You can use a VPN in a western country to keep all of your site searches safe and more private (safety and privacy depends on your providers package). It can also mask your location - keep you hidden if you don't want to be found.

VPNs in countries such as America, England, and Australia - are appropriate for businesses. A worker can connect back to their offices intranet. Doing so allows workers to keep up to date with whats happening at the office.

An individual in a western country such as Australia, might want to watch some TV that's only available in America (example) - so they can use a VPN to connect to a proxy server in the US. But most TV shows are available on Youtube nowadays so proxy servers are not used as much.

VPN For Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger

You can use VPN to get onto your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Daily Motion. The list goes on, and on. Because some countries don't like you using social media, the block it out, so it's always a good idea to have a VPN.

Other alternatives for watching TV online and on the move is the Amazon Fire TV Stick . This is a new product and is a hot seller at the moment.

Key points you need to remember about the basics of VPN are as follows:

  • some VPN companies have privacy settings
  • easy to access websites
  • You can get onto social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger
  • You can get onto websites such as Dailymotion and Youtube. 

Are FREE VPN Good?

Getting a free Vpn through a simple online search is a bad idea. They are free, but are often less secure and open to more hacking from internet warriors.

Free VPNs are also very very slow, so if your watching TV online, or you are updating a Twitter account the speed of your webpages will not be significant. However if you plan to do something small that uses less MB's then a free VPN could be the way forwards.

The Speed Of A VPN

The speed of a VPN varies depending on what network you are connecting through and what county you are residing in. For example if you are in Asia, networks there are generally slower than networks in the west.

Slow VPNs mean:  - slow streaming of youtube
                                - slow streaming of music
                                - slow downloads of any kinds of data

How Can I Buy A VPN To Use In Asia?

If is often recommended to buy a VPN in your own country, as some VPN seller websites have been blocked. A simple google search for 'ExpressVPN' will do the trick. There you will find a good VPN service that is cheap and affordable.

VPN packages are available either as monthly plans, like Pay As You Go, or you can get a yearly plan. Yearly plans are often the best packages as they can work out a lot cheaper than a monthly agreement..


Make Sure Your VPN is:

  •  easy to buy yes
  •  cheap ($10 to $20 a month is good for a great VPN
  •  accessible all over the world (or the country you are in)
  •  easy to download and install onto your computer

What VPN Should I Use In Asia?

Some Asian countries block outside websites, such as China (middle Kingdom). So a lot of people will download a VPN so they can talk to their friends on facebook or whatsapp.

There are many great VPNs out there. The one that I use is called ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is very affordable, and makes my life a lot easier.

I've been using it for 2 years now. It has a great user interface, and for example if one server is down, you can easily navigate and find another server, by clicking on another country in the country tab.

As you can see with the image on the left, ExpressVPN is so accessible and easy to navigate.

If I have had any problems with the product, the company has been easy to contact through IM on their website, and resolved my problems in a matter of minutes.


Customers are able to gain access though ExpressVPN throughout the world.

  • They now have over 100 servers located in some of the worlds biggest cities.
  • Unlike many other VPNs, they do not log your browsing activities keeping your surfing and searches private. 
  • They are so confident with their services that they offer customers a 30-day money back guarantee. 
  • Easy to download and install.   
  • Help is available through instant chat.  
  • Choose to pay monthly or yearly. With automatic/manual payment planner.  
  •  Can use it on your tablet and home computer.

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